“Broken” Warzone melee weapon takes over Rebirth Island

Jacob Hale
Tonfa in Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone

If you’ve played much Call of Duty: Warzone throughout Season 3, you’ll be well aware of how the meta has changed, with the likes of the BP50 JAK Revenger and Striker 9 flying into the meta. However, Rebirth Island is being dominated by one particularly infuriating melee weapon, and players are starting to have enough of it.

Melee weapons have floated in and out of the Warzone meta ever since the game launched, with the Kali Sticks a particularly popular option at one point in time, able to take down opponents lightning-fast at close range.

They became a serial complaint from Warzone players, and now, it looks like the Tonfa is going the same way, as they become more popular and more frustrating, especially in Rebirth.

Similar to the Kali Sticks, the Tonfa is just a single baton that has increased range and incredible speed when spamming the melee button, outclassing the rest of the Melee weapon options by some distance.

It means that if a player with a Tonfa gets close to you, you’re very unlikely to be on the winning end of the fight, unless you manage to get some good headshots or completely break your opponents’ ankles to create some more distance.

“Please nerf the tonfa and the shield,” requested BrendelFRL on Twitter/X, also targeting the Riot Shield. “These items are very broken, it’s a shooting game, it doesn’t make sense for these melee weapons to be so broken, the gameplay is unfeasible.”

MissJessx even asked for it to be banned in Ranked Resurgence, as well as a nerf, saying that it “is getting ridiculous.”

What’s worse is that the Tonfa is unlocked once you reach player Level 4 — which means unless you’re just starting the game for the first time, a large majority of players have the Tonfa waiting and ready to be used.

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