Tommey & Almond dominate JGOD $100K Warzone tournament: Results, recap, highlights

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JGOD Warzone tournament

Popular content creator JGOD branched out to host his very own Warzone tournament and top duo Tommey and Almond made it their own. With a $100,000 prize pool spanning four days of action, the highly touted duo ran through the grand finals.

  • Tommey and Almond smash Grand Finals bracket.
  • HusKerrs and Newbz secured second place.
  • Underdogs MuTeX & ScummN dominated final day of qualifiers.

JGOD $100K Warzone Tournament: Results, recaps, highlights

Week 4: Tommey & Almond dominate Grand Finals

Tommey and Almond simply went off this week. Following up a win in the Atlanta FaZe $25,000 the day prior, this duo came in hot and kept boiling up the opposition. By the end, they had a 6-1 map count, $20K in their pockets, and some nutty statistics. Along with the win and joining the Minnesota Rokkr, Almond has had one heck of a week.

According to InTheZone, the 100 Thieves and Minnesota ROKKR streamers each posted top-three K/Ds on the day: Tommey with a 10.09 and Almond with a 9.21. The duo was able to drop those numbers and big highlight plays thanks to a blend of composure, helicopter management, and absolute beams.

As for the rest of the day’s earners, here’s the full prizing breakdown:

Placement Team Prizing*
1st Tommey & Almond $20,000
2nd HusKerrs & Newbz $10,000
3rd Frozone & aHTracT $6,000
4th ZLaner & Destroy $4,000

* This prizing applies solely to Grand Finals, there were also match win and score differential bonuses applied in earlier weeks.

Week 3: MuTeX & ScummN take out the final week of qualifiers

The third and final round of qualifiers were arguably the most intense yet. Duos were putting up more kills than ever in some of the toughest lobbies to date. As a result, many of the biggest names bowed out with rather insignificant scores.

An impressive showing from MuTeX & ScummN locked in the top spot and close behind was Aydan & Rated. Together, these two teams were able to qualify for the upcoming Grand Finale.

Placement Team Wins Kills
1st MuTeX & ScummN 4 369
2nd Aydan & Rated 3 310
3rd SuperEvan & DiazBiffle 2 360
4th Pieman & Blazt 2 269
5th DougisRaw & exzachtt 2 198
6th Swagg & GDBooya 1 224

Week 2: ZLaner & Destroy cruise to the top alongside Huskerrs & Newbz

Throughout the second date of JGOD’s event, six more Duos lined up to compete in this unique format.

While it certainly wasn’t without its controversy, the day ended with Zlaner & Destroy atop the pack with Huskerrs & Newbz close behind.

Placement Team Wins Kills
1st ZLaner & Destroy 4 219
2nd Huskerrs & Newbz 4 399
3rd Jukeyz & Fifakill 1 163
4th Bobbypoff & Mayappo 3 219
5th KaleiReany & Pork 1 134
6th Teepee & Unrational 2 208

Just one week remains ahead of the final showdown. Therefore, only a few seats are left at the table for the real $100K battle to close the show.

Week 1: Tommey & Almond dominate opening group

Not satisfied with just leading their group in wins (four, tied with IceManIsaac’s team), Tommey and Almond also led the group — easily — in kills: 149. That kill total was 40-plus more than second-place and proves why the Warzone duo was a major favorite coming into the week.

While Tommey and Almond proved their mettle and secured first place (and $6,250 for their big games), three other upcoming teams joined them and qualified for Week 4.

Placement Team Captain Duo
1st Tommey Almond
2nd IceManIsaac bbreadman
3rd Frozone aHTracT
4th AverageJoeWo Stukawaki

JGOD $100K Warzone Tournament: Schedule & teams

JGOD’s full $100K Warzone tournament took place across four separate days: June 5, June 15, June 21, and June 26. 

Here is a look at the Grand Finale bracket, which kicked off on June 26.

JGOD tourney starting bracket
A look at the starting bracket for the Grand Finale.

JGOD $100K Warzone Tournament: Format

The JGOD tournament had an interesting format: it’s three weeks of round-robin pool play, each with a different group that determines who qualified for the final Week 4: Grand Finale.

Each week’s groups were different, meaning that all invitees got chances to prove their worth. The format was a round-robin, so each team in each group also received a minimum of five games to assert themselves.

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