Tommey & Almond win Atlanta FaZe $25K Warzone tournament: results, recap, more

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ATL FaZe 25K Warzone event
Atlanta FaZe

Keeping the hype rolling after Activision’s World Series of Warzone event, Atlanta FaZe were next up with a $25K tournament featuring all the biggest names. But it was Tommey and Almond who secured the big W.

  • Tommey and Almond run through bracket to win it all.
  • Top players included Aydan, Diaz Biffle, and HusKerrs.
  • Duos kill race followed by a Duo Quads 2v2 bracket.

Season 4 continues to deliver banger events and FaZe’s $25,000 Warzone showdown was no exception. Atlanta FaZe dropped Warzone’s biggest names into 2v2 action against qualifying teams and we’ve got everything you need to get up to speed.

ATL FaZe $25K Warzone event: Results & recap

In the end, it was Tommey and Almond who slugged it out through the kill race and Duos bracket to win the entire event. That victory nets them the biggest cut of the prize pool, but here are the teams who made it into the money:

  • Tommey & Almond: $15,000
  • Aydan & Rated: $5,000
  • SuperEvan & Diaz Biffle: $3,000
  • FaZe Bloo & Flanked

During the timed kill race portion, Aydan, Tommey, and SuperEvan’s duos were the top three scorers — so it should be no surprise that those three dominated during the bracket as well. No easy roads available, Tommey and Almond shocked some viewers by dropping SuperEvan and Biffle 2-0 in the semifinals.

Then, in the grand finals, the duo was met with a red-hot Aydan and Rated (coming off of back-to-back wins in the World Series of Warzone and Code Red tourneys). Unfazed and blessed by the winner’s bracket advantage, Tommey and Almond won the final series 3-1 and fattened their wallets.

ATL FaZe $25K Warzone event: Format

ATL FaZe’s Main Event drops Warzone’s top competitors and content creators in the mix against teams that made it through two open qualifiers. The final portion of the tournament boasts a standard Duos kill-race format.

This means two Duos will join up and compete in the same lobby while fighting their way through an elimination bracket. 

Below is a complete prize pool breakdown for the $25K event.

  • 1st – $15,000
  • 2nd – $5,000
  • 3rd – $3,000
  • 4th – $2,000

ATL FaZe $25K Warzone event: Teams & Players

Here are the 16 captains confirmed for the multi-tiered event:

  • FaZe BabyBay
  • FaZe Bloo
  • FaZe Dirty
  • HollyyLive
  • HusKerrs
  • JoeWo
  • NuFo
  • Kyle
  • Rallied
  • Tommey
  • UnRationaL
  • Aydan
  • SuperEvan

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