JGOD claims there is no reason to play Warzone with KBM instead of controller

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JGOD believes controller players have such a huge advantage in Warzone, that he doesn’t understand why anyone would ever use keyboard and mouse. 

Aim assist in Call of Duty has been a huge point of contention within the series’ community, especially within Warzone. After all, it’s here where players from all platforms get to flex their skills against one another. 

While both PC and console have their own unique advantages, there’s no denying how potent controller aim assist is. Not only does it have huge bonuses when it comes to movement, but being able to snap onto targets in an instant makes it even more powerful. It’s because of these reasons that JGOD believes controller is superior. 

JGOD on CoD controller aim assist

“I think it’s easy for any controller player to kill any keyboard and mouse player,” explained JGOD. “That’s literally what aim assist is for. I don’t know why people play on keyboard and mouse in CoD. It’s like you’re just asking for frustrations with the game.” 

While no amount of aim assist will ever make up for poor game sense and bad decision-making, there’s no denying that it has clear advantages. This is mainly highlighted in close to mid-range firefights, which are the most common engagement distance in Warzone. 

“I would say if you’re really good on keyboard and mouse, you probably feel good. [But] you watch your killcam and always feel cheated, that’s just how it is because you know how hard it would be to do that with a keyboard and mouse.”

Being able to effortlessly duck in and out of combat and run rings around your foes, while snapping onto them is so incredibly powerful, that JGOD believes keyboard and mouse players just don’t have a chance in the majority of firefights. 

“If I go and take 100 keyboard and mouse players and I take 100 controller players, and I put them head to head at random – the controller players would dominate the keyboard and mouse players on average in Warzone.”

Whether any aim assist adjustments will be made when Warzone 2 releases remains to be seen, but for now, JGOD believes they have the best advantage.