ISO Hemlock dominating Warzone 2 meta once again despite multiple nerfs

cod operator running with the iso hemlock assault rifle in warzone 2and modern warfare 2Activision

The ISO Hemlock has, once again, taken over as the dominant meta weapon in Warzone 2 despite getting back-to-back nerfs in recent updates. 

Over the last few months, the meta in Warzone 2 has undergone some pretty big changes. The previously dominant RPK, Sakin MG38, and TAQ-56 have started to fall by the wayside following big updates. 

It was Season 3 Reloaded that threw the newest spanner into the works, introducing maximum armor damage values to mess with the long-standing TTK. That, coupled with a raft of buffs and nerfs to a laundry list of weapons has shaken up the meta once again. 

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Sure, some players are on the lookout for underrated guns that can be viable, but there appears to be one true king of the game right now, and it’s that pesky ISO Hemlock. 

ISO Hemlock returns to top spot as Warzone 2’s most dominant weapon

Yes, despite being nerfed in both Season 3 and Season 3 Reloaded, the ISO Hemlock has returned to the top of the charts and reclaimed its spot as the most popular gun in Warzone 2. 

The assault rifle had previously been dethroned by the Kastov 762 – which now sits in 11th place – and has been rebuilding its lead at the top of the pile ever since Season 3 Reloaded dropped. 

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As per WZRanked stats, the ISO Hemlock has a 19.2% pick rate right now, which is around an 8% lead on the Vaznev-9K and its pick rate of 11.3%. 

Screenshot of Warzone 2 guns ranked by pick rateWZRanked
The ISO Hemlock is back in top spot despite its nerfs.

Further down the list, there are some other interesting leaps in pick rate. The Lachmann 556, seen as an alternative to the Hemlock, has been steadily climbing and now sits in 7th. The M13B is also back on the rise, sitting in 13th.

It’s safe to say that, unless the AR is nerfed into the ground heading into Season 4, its going to stick at the top of the pile for a little while longer.

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