Infinity Ward reveals upcoming plans for Modern Warfare Battle Chatter

Brad Norton

A few major talking points have been the center of attention in the Call of Duty community since the launch of Modern Warfare and developers at Infinity Ward have issued a new comment on the current state of multiplayer.

Released on October 25, Infinity Ward’s Modern Warfare has been met with a great deal of praise but also a fair amount of criticism surrounding a few major topics. 

From professional players being critical of various map designs to recent controversy surrounding Dead Silence, Infinity Ward has been quick to implement changes and engage in discussions with the community. 

Based on recent comments from Modern Warfare developers, it appears as though a few major changes could be coming to the FPS title in the near future.

One of the most notable sources of frustration in the latest Call of Duty is that of ‘battle chatter.’ This term is given to the obnoxiously loud call-outs made by characters in the midst of combat. 

Regardless of whether you’re trying to play sneakily on a flank or overlooking an objective in a crucial 1v1, characters will yell at the top of their lungs to alert you of enemies nearby. Giving away your own position in the process.

Infinity Ward multiplayer designer David Mickner commented on the controversial subject in a response to Call of Duty veteran and Dallas Empire starting member James ‘Clayster’ Eubanks.

Asking for a setting to turn off battle chatter entirely, the pro explains how there are “numerous things that are uncompetitive about it, and we’ve always had the option in the past.”

“We’ve had it auto-handled under MLG/CWL rules in the past so it was largely unnecessary,” the developer responded. “Good point though, I’ll look into adding it as an option.”

Additionally, fellow Modern Warfare developer Joe Cecot chimed in and elaborated on what Infinity Ward is keeping a close eye on.

From “footstep audio” to improvements on the current spawning system. The developer also doubled up on battle chatter changes, explaining that they’re specifically “looking at” the feature in “one life modes,” such as Search and Destroy and the brand new Cyber Attack.

Infinity Ward was quick to implement changes to the controversial Dead Silence Field Upgrade and the continual back and forth with the competitive community is a refreshing change of pace for Call of Duty fans. 

It remains to be seen just how soon these drastic changes might be introduced, however it’s certainly relieving to know that these issues are a top priority.

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