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Infinity Ward finally addresses Modern Warfare’s Dead Silence controversy

Published: 27/Oct/2019 23:23 Updated: 28/Oct/2019 0:04

by Isaac McIntyre


Infinity Ward has finally addressed the Call of Duty community’s concerns over the Dead Silence field upgrade, and revealed how long players will have to wait before the potential changes arrive.

The highly anticipated release of Modern Warfare arrived last week, and with it came a host of new and returning CoD players dropping into Infinity Ward’s ninth entry into the massive FPS franchise.

While many have already praised the series’ 2019 release, the community has also found a number of issues with the game, including server failures, problems with the title’s map design, and a bizarre teleporting bug triggered by tactical insertions.

Another problem that has been discovered is a glitch with the Dead Silence upgrade, which has been failing to mask the sound of player’s footsteps at all, despite the rechargeable boost suggesting it would “make your footsteps quieter for a short time.”

Infinity WardModern Warfare’s release has been met with general positivity from fans.

MW fans flagged the issue with the game’s developers, and IW’s multiplayer design co-director Joe Cecot confirmed the team was planning to bring a fix as soon as possible, though it would still take some time to send the patch live.

“A fix is in the works, but it’s a change that we can’t do instantly,” Cecot told concerned fans after asked on Twitter. “It’s coming!”

The to-be-fixed glitch isn’t the only drama that has surrounded the Dead Silence either, with players also calling for the upgrade to be changed into a park to combat map-camping strategies in multiplayer.

“I may be in the minority here, but I think we really need a Dead Silence perk,” one fan said. “Something to counter these loud footsteps that are encouraging people to camp. You literally cannot counter a camper in this game – Dead Silence at least helped with that.”

There has been no confirmation from the developers regarding this aspect of the field upgrade, however, and its expected Dead Silence will remain as is – with the ongoing bug likely patched out of the game – for the foreseeable future.

The devs have already proven they’re ready to change aspects of the game as well though, adding mini-map changes to the title after its October 25 release, and adjusting multiplayer spawn quality after a raft of player complaints.

Call of Duty

Tensions rise as iFerg challenges Dr Disrespect to $100K CoD Mobile 1v1

Published: 28/Nov/2020 0:40

by Theo Salaun


Dr Disrespect’s drama with mobile gamers has ramped up, as a Call of Duty: Mobile player, Luke ‘iFerg’ Fergie, has challenged the “Two-Time” to a high-stakes 1v1 following the former’s comments on his community.

As has been previously reported, Dr Disrespect, no stranger to stirring the pot, got under the mobile gaming community’s skin by roasting their hobby and, for some, their livelihood. In a spicy tweet, the Two-Time broke down his absurd PC setup to try and contrast how insignificant gaming on mobile is.

After citing his “three state-of-the-art 1ms speed color-calibrated monitors” and “mouse that weighs literally nothing,” the Doc dropped an exclamation point by mentioning his $200,000 setup’s dollar figure. Then, he asked how anyone has “the guts to tell me mobile gaming is a serious thing?”

That not-so-subtle jab at the rapidly growing community appears to have been taken seriously, as iFerg challenged Doc to a 1v1 on CoD Mobile for $100,000 (or, more appropriately, half of the price of the aforementioned PC setup). And that challenge has grown into a movement, causing some frustration to the Two-Time on his stream.

Just a day after trolling the masses of mobile enthusiasts, Doc’s stream was hit with an incessant spree of commenters demanding that he “1v1 ferg” in chat. Seemingly in response to that wave of comments, Dr Disrespect’s temper seemed to flare up: “Now you guys are starting to piss me off. I was in a good mood, I really was.”

Sharing that clip on Twitter, iFerg proceeded to comment that “members-only chat had to be enabled” while asking a simple, albeit pointed question: “What’s the problem, Doc, Mobile players getting the better of you?”

While the Two-Time has yet to respond, iFerg and the mobile gaming community are most certainly not letting up. The troll must have hit a sore spot because the CoD Mobile player has continued to lay out rules for the challenge.

Originally specifying that Doc would get to duel on his expensive PC while iFerg would play on his mobile device, the challenger continued in a Twitter reply to explain that the challenge would be played without any use of aim assist.

While Doc’s original comments were likely in jest and to provoke some sort of reaction, he may have gotten more than he bargained for. Now one simply has to wonder if the gaming community will get to watch one of these confident gamers lose $100,000.