Best quickscoping classes in Modern Warfare

Connor Bennett

Call of Duty fans across the world got their hands on Modern Warfare on October 25, as the game marked the first title in the franchise’s popular sub-series in nearly a full ten years. 

The multiplayer side of things may look and feel a little different to the classic Call of Duty titles, a wide range of things have stayed the same. That includes sniping – and more specifically, quick scoping. The art of gunning down enemies without aiming all that much is helped by having a top set-up. So, with that in mind, here are a few you may want to consider running. 

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Infinity Ward
Sniping is always a major part of any Call of Duty title.


The AX-50 is a sniper you’ll see plenty of players running in matches because of its high-power and base stats that already help with being an aggressive player. Take it into the gunsmith, though, and you’ll be able to tweak the deadly weapon to your heart’s content. 

For quick scoping, however, you want to adjust the barrel, optic, grip, and the magazine you’re running. Some of the best suggestions include the 17.0 barrel, the Scout Combat Optic, rear tape grip, and seven-round mag.

Of course, you’ll want sleight of hand as your weapon perk because you never want to get caught in the open with a slow reload. As for actual perks, pick up Quick Fix, Ghost, and Tracker.

The AX-50 is CoD Modern Warfare’s most popular sniper.
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Moving over to the Dragunov, the classic CoD weapon is also a top choice for quick scoping but it won’t lend itself to being as easy as the AX-50. 

You should run the same perk set up, and pick up your favorite choice of equipment, but there are a few slight changes in the weapon loadout. Muzzle Break is a good choice for a muzzle attachment in partnership with the Combat Barrel. Add in the  Scout Combat Optic and Sleight of Hand as a perk and you’ll be good to go.

The classic Dragunov sniper returns in Modern Warfare.
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As for the HDR, it’s not a great quick scoping weapon as it is, and playing around in Gunsmith likely won’t help all that much. 

Focus on the AX-50 and Dragunov classes with a Desert Eagle sidearm and you should be raining down terror on your foes like it’s Modern Warfare 2 all over again.