CoD pros set insane Warzone Quads world record for most kills

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One skilled group of CoD players have absolutely smashed the Warzone squads kill record, hitting an incredible milestone for kills in one single match. 

On April 8, Call of Duty: Warzone added four-player squads alongside Modern Warfare’s Season 3 update. This led to a new category in which world records can be set, and one team has set the bar unbelievably high. 

Mark ‘Zepa’ Zepackic is an Australian CoD professional, who currently plies his trade on Oceanic organization Mindfreak. He is already known in the Warzone community for having a hand in the Trios world record, and has now pulled off an equally impressive squads performance. 

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Twitter: Zepa
The game’s scoreboard.

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On April 10, Zepa shared a screenshot from a recent Warzone match, showing that he and three teammates put up an incredible 100 kills between them.

The insane number of kills was put up thanks to a combined effort between multiple professional OCE players. Zepa himself dropped 29 kills and nearly 10,000 damage, the highest on the team.

Giancarlo ‘Nimble’ Vagnini, also a pro for Mindfreak, recorded an insane 25 kills, while Lymax put up an insane 32 kills. The squad’s effort was rounded off by another competitive player, micka, who put up 14 kills to take the total to three figures. 

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With squads only added two days prior to the record being set, we can expect to see some stark competition emerge.

It’s important to remember that, given Warzone’s Gulag respawn system and the ability to buy dead teammates back, the same player can die multiple times in one match. This probably goes some way to explain how the team managed 100 kills in a game mode with 152 total players. 

Regardless, this should not detract from the insane achievement demonstrated by the Australian pros. You can check out all the current Warzone kill records right here.

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