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Huge Verdansk bunker discovered in Warzone Season 1 secret map change

Published: 17/Dec/2020 11:46

by Alex Garton


Warzone players have discovered a huge new bunker underneath the Verdansk Airfield and it may become a heavily contested landing spot as the season progresses.

Warzone’s integration with Black Ops Cold War has added a range of new content for players to get stuck into. From the introduction of Cold War’s weapons to the brand new Rebirth Island map, it’s fair to say Season 1 has delivered on expectations so far.

As a new map was suspected to release, it was assumed by most Call of Duty fans that Verdansk would be left unchanged by Season 1. So when players discovered a massive new bunker under the map’s airfield, it was an unexpected surprise.


Infinity Ward/Activision
Warzone’s Season 1 update went live on December 15.

Secret bunker discovered in Warzone

Warzone players have found a huge bunker hidden underneath the Verdansk airfield. The underground area was added with the Season 1 update and provides players with a new landing spot to collect loot.

The entrance to the bunker is located on the runway of the airfield and has been seemingly opened by a massive explosion. Players who enter the hole will find a huge area made up of multiple rooms and corridors. There appears to be a good distribution of loot throughout the location and plenty of resources to get a squad geared up at the start of a match.

A thread posted to the Warzone Subreddit shows exactly what you can expect to find in the bunker and how the area is laid out.


New bunker in verdansk from r/CODWarzone

There’s no doubt this has the potential to become Verdansk’s next hotspot for solo-players and squads alike. As with any new area, players will be flooding to check it out, so maybe give it a miss if you’re not a fan of Superstore style starts to a match.

The addition of the bunker does beg the question, what other changes are planned for the Verdansk map? Fingers crossed we receive more secret areas over the course of Season 1 and maybe a few hidden easter eggs as well.