New Warzone helicopters removed as devs work on invisibility glitches


Raven Software has removed the new Attack Helicopters from both Verdansk and Rebirth Island in Warzone after a game-breaking bug was discovered that allowed players to go completely invisible, which in turn gave them the ability to take out enemies with ease.

Despite getting a brand new update on Dec 16 that, among other things, fixed bugs and glitches with the game (including the dreaded Juggernaut exploits), it seems like a brand new one cropped up less than 24 hours later and it’s pretty major, to say the least.

According to many players, a new bug in Warzone is causing certain players to become invisible if they complete certain steps. The result is that players are being killed by people who don’t appear on the map.

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The bug in question had to do with the new Attack Helicopter in-game, which has now been removed entirely while Raven works on a more permanent fix. Due to the fact that this is a major, game-breaking exploit, Dexerto will not be detailing how to trigger this bug, even though it currently can’t be done due to the aforementioned removal.

It’s currently unknown how widespread this exploit was, however, it seemed to be happening to multiple streamers, including Nameless, C9 Emz, and Muddawg, who each uploaded clips of the bug to their Twitter accounts.

As one can see from the clips, there are no tricks or caveats to this bug: these players were just invisible for no reason. Nothing about the characters seemed to show up, except, of course, for the gunfire.

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While the bug did make players completely invisible, it wasn’t completely impossible to tell where they were. As showcased in some of the clips, the invisible enemy would still show up on the radar when firing, like normal. Right now, that seemed to be the only solution but even then, it was unknown whether players could damage the invisible enemies.

All in all, it makes sense why Raven was so quick to remove the Attack Helicopters in-game. While you can still deduce approximately where the invisible enemies were, it was still a game-breaking bug that needed immediate attention. Here’s hoping they find an actual fix soon.

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