Aydan’s team wins $10k Baka Bro-Down Warzone tournament: results & final placements

baka bro down warzone tournamentTwitter, @BakaBros_

Warzone’s notorious Baka Bros — Repullze, DiazBiffle, and LuckyChamu — hosted their very own $10,000 custom tournament to prepare for the World Series of Warzone which ultimately saw Aydan’s team coming away with the win. Here’s a complete recap of all the action.

  • Aydan’s team won the private lobby trios tournament
  • Teams composed of invited players and qualifying Twitch subscribers.
  • Hosted by the Baka Bros: Repullze, Lucky Chamu, and Diaz Biffle.

The World Series of Warzone is officially run by Activision and will be the biggest tournament the game has ever seen. Across both Europe and North America, top competitors will be fighting for their share of the $1.2m total prize pool.

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While that tournament will kick off on June 23, some of the top pros gathered to prepare for the event, and the Baka Bro-Down represented the perfect opportunity.

Baka Bro-Down: Warzone tournament placements

Placement Team Points Prize
1st Team Aydan 106 $6,000
2nd Team Nobu Spartan 100.5 $3,000
3rd Team Its Iron 99 $1,000
4th Team Tommey 98
5th Team zColorss 88
6th Team Rivs 85
7th Team JKrinnkz 78.5
8th Team Bonq 75.5

Baka Bro-Down: Warzone tournament results & recap

The unique custom game event had teams playing a little differently to usual. While kills were still important for overall point-totals, a higher placement was just as vital. As a result, certain Trios were more cautious than usual.

From Swagg’s team to the likes of Warsz and IceManIsaac, plenty of Warzone’s top competitors couldn’t quite find their footing in the private lobby format. Instead, the more patient and tactical players like Iron and ZLaner found themsevles higher up on the overall standings.

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Despite dying to an illegal RPG early into the event, Tommey’s team managed to secure a whopping 98 points for a fourth-place finish. In the end though, it was Aydan’s monstrous performance that pushed his team over the edge to secure the top spot.

Baka Bro-Down Warzone tournament stream

Throughout the event, ‘InTheZone’ was serving as a hub-stream and keeping on top of results. We’ve embedded this stream above for your convenience, though individual players were also streaming so you can catch up on some of the action directly. Everyone from Repullze to HusKerrs was broadcasting live — or you can even check out Lucky and Diaz Biffle’s.

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Baka Bro-Down: tournament schedule & format

The Baka Bro-Down aimed to imitate the World Series of Warzone format for maximum preparation. It was spread over two days on June 19-20. Day 1 kicked off at 6PM PST on Saturday, June 19, with Trio kill-racing until 9PM PST. There were 40 pre-qualified teams and only 10 made it through to Day 2.

Day 2 kicked off at 6PM PST on Sunday, June 20. All 50 trios loaded into a private lobby together and played six matches. Here’s how scoring worked:

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  • 1 Kill = 1 Point
  • 1st Place = 2x Points Multiplier
  • 2nd-15th Place = 1.5x Points Multiplier
  • 16th-50th Place = 1x Points Multiplier

Baka Bro-Down: teams & players

twitch repullze warzone subscribersTwitter, @Repullze
Repullze was ready to slay.

The full list of teams was announced on June 20, and obviously, the Baka Bros themselves also showed up for the event, along with a few other guests. The full list of teams participating can be found below.

Team SuperEvan Team zColorss
Team Swagg Team BobbyPoffGaming
Team Tommey Team BossLadyLily
Team Blazt Team ShawnJGaming
Team Jukeyz Team Stukawaki
Team IcemanIsaac Team JSmoothHD
Team Aydan Team Drakota
Team Kalei Team SenseiSwishEm
Team Jared FPS Team TheDanDangler
Team Bloo Team MarkClarkk
Team Brittneyraines Team ItsIron
Team Destroy Team ShadedStep
Team zSmit Team Holly
Team JoeWo Team Gh0st_Pnda
Team TheBoiSantana Team Skye
Team iSmixie Team JKriiNkz
Team EBatez Team MrDraft
Team Jerky26 Team BlingCjay
Team Royalize Team RIVS2 (sub qualifier)
Team THURMZY (sub qualifier) Team OSINFULLY (sub qualifier)
Team BRONANA (sub qualifier) Team Assaultive (sub qualifier)
Team ZEPTI_ (sub qualifier) Team MYBACKTORN (sub qualifier)
Team KUNJTV (sub qualifier) Team FIGZ (sub qualifier)
Team HOVAKITZ (sub qualifier)

Baka Bro-Down: Prizing

While this event was mainly intended as practice ahead of the World Series of Warzone tournament, that doesn’t mean there wasn’t something on the line. Teams were competing for a considerable $10,000 prize pool, with the top three Trios being paid out.

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First place walked away with $6,000, second claimed $3,000, while third nabbed $1,000 for their efforts.

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