How to unlock Obsidian camo in MW3 & Warzone

Jeremy Gan
Modern warfare 3 Obdisian prestige camo

The Obsidian camo is making a return to the Call of Duty franchise in Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone Season 4, so here is everything you need to know about unlocking it.

Season 4 of MW3 and Warzone is bringing a ton of new content, from plenty of maps to fresh game modes, more Zombies content, and the all-important cosmetics. 

CoD is even seeing a crossover with Mobile Suit Gundam, among a plethora of new camos and Operator skins. In particular, the highly requested Obsidian camo from MW 2019 is making a return in Season 4 as well, this time as a Prestige camo. 

So here is everything you need to know about unlocking it for MW3 and Warzone. 

How to unlock Obsidian Prestige weapon camo in MW3 and Warzone? 

To unlock the camo, you’ll need to unlock Season 3’s One Trick Weapon Prestige camo first before Season 4 drops. 

Come the release of Season 4 on May 29, it will be available to grind for. To unlock, it will take 200,000 Weapon XP in total to unlock it. Double Weapons XP Tokens can be used to help you out. 

Obsidian camo in MW 2019
The Obsidian camo made its debut in Modern Warfare 2019

The process is not too different to Season 3’s Prestige camo, but this time the Obsidian camo is just one level above the One Trick. 

You’ll have to choose which weapon in the Gunsmith you would like to unlock the Obsidian camo on. The Obsidian camo will be available for both MW3 and MW2 guns. 

Luckily, you can complete multiple camos for different guns simultaneously. Each gun’s XP progress will be individually saved, so good luck grinding. 

Despite coming from MW 2019, it will be getting some upgrades, namely that the Obsidian camo will now be animated, similar to how to One Trick Prestige camo was animated. 

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