How to unlock all Get Higher camos in MW3 & Warzone: Synth Bust, Shifting Grid & Gridlocked

Jacob Hale
kar98k in Modern Warfare 3 firing range with

The new G3T_H1GH3R (or simply Get Higher) LTM has arrived in Modern Warfare 3, with three new animated weapon camos to unlock: Gridlocked, Shifting Grid, and the very tricky Synth Bust.

An advancement of G3T_H1GH from previous seasons, Get Higher is a new experience that launched on July 3 to give players a different taste of the parkour map.

Obviously you’re not just competing to reach the top first, or break your personal time record: there are also animated camos to unlock to help bolster your cosmetics inventory.

Here’s what they are and how you can unlock them:

  • Gridlocked: To unlock the Gridlocked camo, you simply need to reach the top of the G3T_H1GH3R map.
  • Shifting Grid: To unlock the Shifting Grid camo, you need to reach the top of the G3T_H1GH3R map in under 10 minutes.
  • Synth Bust: To unlock the Synth Bust camo, you have to collect all 12 secret coins in the G3T_H1GH3R map.

Unlock Synth Bust camo: All 12 coin locations

Synth Bust camo in Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone
The Synth Bust animated camo is very tough to unlock.

The hardest of these to unlock will be Synth Bust, as you have to find all 12 coins on the map to reach the castle, and this will take you off the regular path so you’re not just going to find them all on your usual run.

Below is a walkthrough from WhosImmortal on the exact locations for each coin, but you can find them in the following places. Also bear in mind that there are audio cues for these coins, so if you’re struggling to find them, you might be able to hear them:

  1. 22 meters. Drop down through a hole beneath the dropping blocks.
  2. 29 meters. It’s in a side room past a spinning obstacle.
  3. 61 meters. Behind a corner before the moving ledges.
  4. 104 meters. Can be found on the natural run of the course.
  5. 109 meters. Jump across the shipping crates and find a hidden tunnel underneath one of them.
  6. 146 meters. Cross the thin bridge above the spiky, spinning obstacles and you’ll get it.
  7. 146 meters. Drop off the ledge at the end of the above bridge and land on the platform below. Go through the tunnel and find the next coin.
  8. 164 meters. Cross the moving red blocks and jump through the coin in the middle.
  9. 164 meters. Cross the wing of the Terminal jet and drop down at the back. Climb the ladder at the back of the plane and the coin is at the top.
  10. 190 meters. Drop through spinning obstacle on the left onto a platform, then hit the ledge next to it. Follow the room for the coin.
  11. 206 meters. In corner by checkpoint.
  12. 228 meters. Drop onto moving platform on right hand side, turn around, and enter the tunnel to find the final coin.

After collecting them, simply ascend to the top and enter the portal to complete your run.

This won’t be easy and you might not be able to pull it off on your first run through, especially on the tricker parts of the map.

That said, the Synth Bust camo in particular will no doubt be very rare, and will certainly turn heads when you use it in Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone, especially if you deck it out on the best meta Warzone classes in Urzikstan.