How to get the Ice Drake Krig 6 ‘Dragon’ skin in Warzone

Krig 6 Ice Drake skin bundleActivision / Treyarch

The Krig 6 Ice Drake weapon skin is one of the coolest cosmetics in Warzone, so find out how you can claim it in Season 3. 

The Krig 6 has quickly risen in popularity in Season 3 thanks to the recent weapon buffs, which have increased its damage multiplier. Not only does the Krig 6 have a solid rate of fire and incredible accuracy, it also happens to be one of the strongest AR’s in the current meta. This makes it a solid AR choice for any players looking for a versatile weapon that can consistently perform in gunfights on Verdansk.

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Because of the Krig’s new rise in popularity, many Warzone players will want to unlock the Ice Drake Krig 6 weapon skin.  While a lot of Warzone’s cosmetic items are locked behind the game’s Season 3 Battle Pass, there are a number of weapon camos that can be unlocked via other means. Here’s how you can get the Ice Drake Krig 6 weapon skin and use it to reign terror onto your enemies. 

How to get the Ice Drake Krig 6 weapon skin in Warzone 

Just like most Legendary and Ultra-rare weapon camos, the Ice Drake Krig 6 skin can only be obtained from purchasing the correct Warzone bundle. In this case, you need to buy the NecroKing Mastercraft bundle.

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NecroKing Mastercraft bundleActivision / Treyarch
The NecroKing Mastercraft bundle is incredibly popular in Warzone.

This bundle costs 2,400 COD Points and is currently the only way you can get the Ice Drake Krig 6 weapon skin. The NecroKing Mastercraft bundle originally released as part of the Season 2 update, but it was eventually pulled from the store after it broke loadouts

Fortunately, this issue has now been fixed and the Ice Drake Krig 6 will be available for purchase whenever the NecroKing Mastercraft bundle appears in the in-game store. 

Claiming this bundle is incredibly easy and only takes a few seconds. In order to claim the Ice Drake Krig 6 skins, you’ll need to do the following: 

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  1. Load up Call of Duty: Warzone.
  2. Head over to the Store Tab.
  3. Scroll down until you see the NecroKing Mastercraft bundle and select it.
  4. Click “Claim Bundle.”

Once you’ve done the above, the items within the bundle will appear in your inventory. If you wish to use any of them, simply click on your loadout and choose the blueprint, charms, and camos you want!

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