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Warzone removes NecroKing bundle after new skin breaks loadouts

Published: 22/Mar/2021 5:01

by Brad Norton


The new NecroKing Mastercraft bundle only just launched on March 21 across Black Ops Cold War and Warzone, though hours after the release and it’s already been pulled from the in-game store due to some critical bugs.

With new bundles in Call of Duty, players are able to buy their way to some fresh items. While some collections are simple in their appearance, others go above and beyond with entirely unique designs.

The latter was the case with a brand new NecroKing bundle deployed for both BOCW and Warzone players. This dragon-themed skin is one of the first Ultra-tier items, coming with its own animations and visual effects.


Players were eager to get their hands on the new bundle but within a few hours, it had vanished from the store. Activision removed the NercoKing pack due to a number of “Warzone-specific issues.”

NecroKing bundle changing appearance

The selling point of the new bundle is the Ice Drake weapon blueprint. Exclusive to the Krig 6, players aren’t able to equip this dragon skin on any other weapon in the game. With only one weapon to account for, that means there’s only one strict visual design.

Unfortunately, when changing attachments on the new blueprint, this visual design became tarnished. Equipping a default barrel caused the blueprint to lose a good portion of its appearance.


NecroKing Mastercraft Bundle is bugged… You have to love these indie devs! from CODWarzone

This clearly wasn’t the intended effect and the developers quickly issued a response.

“We’re aware of Warzone-specific issues with the NecroKing bundle when using the default Barrel on the “Ice Drake” Blueprint,” the official Activision support account tweeted. “The bundle will be temporarily removed from the Warzone Store while this is addressed.”

In the meantime, players that already purchased the bundle have been advised to use the 16.5 Ultralight Barrel instead.


Game-breaking issues in Warzone

Beyond the visual issues, players have also reported a wide array of deeper problems caused by the NecroKing bundle. 

“The whole shop is bugged for me since they added this,” Reddit user ‘DX-12’ explained. “If I scroll down, it boots me from the shop.”


Meanwhile, others encountered a devastating bug while dropping into a match. “If you put this in [your] loadout, you don’t have anything in-game, not even fists,” another player outlined.

Completely ruining various lobbies, the new cosmetic pack appears to be leaving players empty-handed mid-match. 

While fixes are already in the works for these problems, there’s currently no ETA at the time of writing. Refunds have been issued in the past for previous releases, so Activision could follow suit for the NecroKing bundle as well.

If you happened to get your hands on the new items before they were removed, keep in mind that it could just cost you your next Warzone win.