CoD Zombies player somehow beats Black Ops 3 easter egg with a piano

Sam Comrie
CoD Zombies character side-by-side with piano

CoD Zombies easter eggs can take hours to complete and that’s just with a trusty controller. But that wasn’t enough to satisfy one player, as they defeated a notoriously hard Zombies easter egg with a piano. 

Call of Duty Zombies players are some of the most inventive CoD fans out there. Whether it is breaking insane records or becoming immensely powerful through glitches, there is always a challenge getting beat in an exciting way.

It doesn’t matter how hard the challenge might be either, as one player has taken on arguably one of CoD Zombies’ most difficult easter eggs, with a twist.

Throw away your controllers, because there is a new sheriff in town calling the shots with a musical edge.

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Getting an undead groove on

The main easter egg in Black Ops 3’s Shadows of Evil can be grueling, long, and frustrating, just with a controller. While fans have perfected their own ways to defeat it, player grooviehoovie decided that playing the game traditionally just wasn’t going to cut it.

Aiming to beat the infamously hard challenge within the hour, grooviehoovie had a twist up his sleeve. Armed with an electric piano, the time for adding a bit of a groove to proceedings had arrived.

Managing to make it to the end of the run with just seconds to spare, they miraculously beat the easter egg with just two seconds left on the clock. Talk about perfect timing.

To make the keyboard work with the game, grooviehoovie fed the piano into his computer via a midi input program: “I used something called BOME to translate MIDI into keyboard inputs to play Apex Legends with a keyboard. It took some fiddling around but works just like the video.”

“I got downed in origins last night round 3 with insta kill and a Mp40” said one fan, reappraising their own efforts in Zombies by comparison.

It’s only a matter of time before the next musical triumph appears.