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How to create a Counter UAV in Warzone

Published: 17/Jul/2020 9:17 Updated: 17/Jul/2020 10:24

by Joe Craven


UAVs are particularly common in Call of Duty: Warzone, but a host of players don’t know that Counter or Advanced UAVs are also available. Here’s how to get them. 

It is nothing new in Warzone to have a UAV called in on you, or to call one in for yourself. They are available for $4,000 at any Buy Station, and are especially useful in early game scenarios when it is less likely that enemies have earned the Ghost perk.

However, a recent Warzone update enabled players to earn Counter UAVs, but it appears a lot of players are still unaware of the changes. Past leaks and glitches have suggested that they will be coming to Buy Stations like any other killstreak, they are currently available in a much more expensive form.

UAV’s will smoke out enemy positions.

How to get a Counter UAV in Warzone

While they could soon be available for the same price as buying a fallen teammate back, they are currently available for $16,000. This is because, in Warzone’s current build, the only way to call in a Counter UAV is to call in four UAVs simultaneously.

Calling in four UAVs is hardly a cost-effective way of earning yourself a Counter UAV, but you also earn an Advanced UAV at the same time.

This shows on players’ radars by showing red arrows for all opposition players. Like the Blackbirds and VSATs of old, players with Ghost are not hidden from these Advanced UAVs so they are a top tier streak, at any point of the game.

  1. Stack up $16,000
  2. Head to a buy station
  3. Buy four UAVs and use them in quick succession
  4. You will now have a Counter UAV/Advanced UAV in the air
Advanced UAV in Modern Warfare
The Advanced UAV can be unbelievably helpful in Warzone.

Away from their lucrative cost, another issue with Counter UAVs is, in their current build, players calling them in do not get vocal confirmation that one is active.

Enemies receive a vocal prompt that one has been called in, but there does not appear to be any confirmation for the  player calling in the streak.

This is frustrating for now, but it does appear that a Counter UAV will be added to the game’s buy station in a future update. Until then, $16,000 please.

Call of Duty

4 features Warzone desperately needs in Black Ops Cold War

Published: 28/Oct/2020 13:00 Updated: 28/Oct/2020 13:31

by James Busby


With season 6 of Warzone out for fans to enjoy and Black Ops Cold War on the way, we’re still excited to see what content updates will drop in the future. Here are four things we want to see added to Call of Duty’s battle royale title.

Warzone’s blisteringly fast kill times, highly customizable loadout drops, satisfying killstreaks, and addictive gunplay makes it one of the most unique entries in the BR genre. Of course, like all good battle royale games, Warzone needs a constant stream of fresh content updates and unique modes to keep players invested. 

Fans are now looking forward to Warzone in the upcoming Black Ops Cold War, releasing on November 13, 2020. We’ve seen some fantastic additions to Warzone already in Modern Warfare, but there are still some things that would be perfect to heighten the experience for players.

1. Return of classic guns

Black Ops Cold War Beta
Black Ops Cold War will also carry on the Warzone mode.

The Call of Duty franchise first graced our screens back in 2003 and since then, players have fought their way through the gritty battlefields of WWII, stopped a nuclear cold war, taken down terrorist regimes, and even ventured into the very depths of space.

Each Call of Duty game has introduced a wave of new weapons, attachments, cosmetics, and killstreaks that fans can equip themselves with when venturing into the highly competitive multiplayer arenas. 

As a result, there have been a vast number of historical, modern-day, and futuristic guns added to the franchise over the years. While Warzone’s current arsenal of deadly weaponry is nothing to frown at, we’d love to see some iconic Call of Duty guns return to the scene. 

Fortunately, our prayers have been answered with the release of the CR-56 AMAX (Galil), so there could be a very good chance that we see other fan favourites make their way over to Warzone. After all, we’d love to run around Verdansk with our trusty Thompson SMG at our side. 

2. Dynamic weather conditions

Summit from Call of Duty Black Ops 1.
New weather effects could further enhance the game’s action for players to enjoy.

Battle royale fans have wanted dynamic weather conditions for ages and while PUBG has toyed around with various climate conditions, we’ve yet to see other battle royale games take the same leap – after all, Modern Warfare’s multiplayer already has night variants of maps like Azhir Cave, Hackney Yard, Gun Runner, and Rammaza, and Verdansk with The Haunting of Verdansk Halloween event.

While these maps may not feature any new content, the added veil of darkness really helps bring a new dynamic to the overall gameplay. Having a nighttime mode for allows for some brilliantly chaotic moments, particularly when you never know who is lurking in the shadows.

Watching enemy tracer rounds light up the sky, hearing nearby footsteps, and jumping at shadowy silhouettes is exhilarating and terrifying. Further dynamic weather effects would only enhance these emotions.

For example, weather effects that reduce player visibility would call for the use of NVGs (Night Vision Goggles), laser pointers, thermal optics, and Flash Grenades. Having various weather effects would also force players to adapt their current playstyle, drastically switching up the current meta and creating new opportunities for different weapons/attachments to truly shine.

3. Continued Seasonal events

Haunting of Verdansk Roadmap
Full roadmap for the Haunting of Verdansk event in Warzone & Modern Warfare.

With Halloween’s ‘Haunting of Verdansk’ now live on Warzone, we’ve got a great taste of seasonal content that incentivizes players to play. We think it would be a fantastic opportunity to expand on these events with further seasonals, such as a Holiday event featuring holiday bonuses; a thick layer of snow or a blizzard draping the map, with special cosmetics focusing around the time of year across different cultures.

These weather changes to Verdansk will force players to restrategize and approach their matches differently, requiring them to rethink their weapon add-ons such as optics, and differing perks like Cold Blooded.

4. Further map updates 

ActivisionChanges to Warzone’s map could drastically impact the way we play.

Warzone players have been busy opening the various bunkers dotted around the map, collecting the rare loot inside, and scrutinizing details in order to uncover the game’s secrets.

The opening of a few bunkers may seem small, but it’s this kind of change that helps keep the map interesting for new and veteran players. Epic Games and Respawn are constantly adding, removing, and even destroying vast sections of their battle royale maps, so we’d love to see Verdansk receive the same treatment. 

For example, Warzone’s Gora Dam could begin to crack under the pressure as the frozen reservoir begins to thaw, leading to a catastrophic event that sees vast sections of the map partially destroyed or flooded. Not only would this make for an awesome in-game spectacle, it would also drastically alter the way players traverse their way around Verdansk.

We’ve seen cool additions to Verdansk’s map as of late with the Football stadium opening, and a new train traversing the map, both allowing players new POI experiences in-game, but constant graduating changes to the map will keep it fresh and appealing for returning players.

New aquatic vehicles could even be introduced to further supplement this change. The possibilities are seemingly endless and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for Warzone when Black Ops Cold War releases.