Warzone 2 players frustrated over broken UAVs on Ashika Island

Jacob Hale
UAV in Warzzone 2

Warzone 2 players are reporting a major problem with UAVs on Ashika Island, claiming that they’re just not working properly in the small Resurgence map.

UAVs have been instrumental in Warzone ever since it launched, despite the changes made to the streak between Warzone 1 and 2.

While they were made harder to earn when Al Mazrah dropped, preventing players from relentlessly spamming them from Buy Stations when traversing across the map, the devs have since made changes to UAVs that have been lambasted by the community.

If that wasn’t bad enough, though, UAVs simply aren’t working properly for many players now, in particular on Ashika Island.

Inconsistent UAVs in Warzone 2

As pointed out by content creator TCaptainX, but backed up by a number of other players experiencing similar, UAVs are rarely consistent, especially on the Resurgence map.

“When calling in UAVs, there is often a delay and they don’t start sweeping until about 10 seconds after being called,” he explained.

In the clip, he calls in a UAV, and after one sweep, it just doesn’t go again for around 10 seconds.

He added: “I down and finish an enemy who was not appearing on the mini-map and did not have any perks, therefore he could not be using the Ghost Perk, when he should have been appearing on the UAV.”

No doubt developers Raven Software will want to double-check how UAVs are working in the game and fix them if needed.

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