All new Warzone 2 equipment & streaks in Season 2

UAV in Warzone 2Activision

Warzone 2 took a page from the original battle royale experience, introducing a Counter UAV and Redeploy Packs in Season 2.

Warzone 2’s second season started on February 15. The seasonal update adds a new Resurgence map, brings back the 1v1 Gulag, and changes looting and buy stations. It’s easy to miss an important detail while scouring Activision’s lengthy update blog post.

Community members noticed Resurgence was listed as an LTM, and Raven Software quickly amended the patch notes to fix the mistake. The patch notes also stated, “players can now sprint while plating.” However, CoD insider CharlieINTEL clarified players couldn’t use plates while fully sprinting.

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In another move that flew under the radar, Season 2 introduces a Counter UAV Killstreak and Redeploy Pack Equipment item.

Counter UAV and Redeploy Pack added to Warzone 2

Warzone 2 Season adds a Counter UAV and Redeploy Pack

Redeploy Packs are not new to Warzone. The original battle royale featured Redeploy Extraction Tokens, which allowed players to skip the Gulag and redeploy after a short countdown. Redeploy Packs work the same and can be found as ground loot in “some” buy stations, and are guaranteed from completing Strongholds and Black Sites Missions.

In the official blog post, Activision described the Counter UAV as “a defensive killstreak that deploys and autonomous UAV to target an area and jam the enemy’s radar, minimap, as well as their HUD.”

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Community members have a shaky relationship with the controversial killstreak. Warzone 1 had a Radar Jammer that acted as a Counter UAV, and some players labeled it as “one of the worst additions to the game.”

Players reacted negatively to the announcement, as Warzone 2 content creator HunterTV responded, “Counter UAV was the most hated streak on Warzone.”

A second user added, “UAVs are limited, so why would there be a counter for that.”

Currently, buy stations only sell a limited amount of UAVs, so some players questioned if the killstreak is needed. The Birdseye perk pinpointed enemies on the minimap, but the perk was removed from Season 2 anyways.

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It will be interesting to monitor how much of an impact Counter UAVs have on Warzone 2’s meta in Season 2.