Warzone in-game leak suggests new killstreak coming to Buy Stations

Andy Williams
Buy Station in Call of Duty: Warzone.

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Players have recently spotted Counter UAVs in Warzone, but a leak suggests that the killstreak will soon be coming to Buy Stations. 

Infinity Ward is always changing the meta in Warzone. Whether it be rotating the loot that’s dotted around Verdansk or changing the weapons in the Gulag, players are always kept on their toes.

Most recently, Warzone welcomed a host of Contracts to spruce up the action — including the popular ‘Most Valuable Player’ Contract, which can prove invaluable when your team is sat on the sidelines.

But not much has changed in terms of the killstreak meta, with Cluster Strikes, Precision Airstrikes and UAVs being the only options available in the Buy Stations — the same three that were offered at launch back in March.

Player using killstreak in Warzone.
Cluster Strikes and Precision Airstrikes are handy tool if your opponents are exposed in the open.

Although some players have spotted that Counter UAVs flew under the radar in a recent patch, with the radar-scrambling killstreak being available after calling in four UAVs simultaneously.

The killstreak is a literal game-changer, as players on the receiving end find that their minimap is temporarily concealed, meaning that they can no longer spot the location of Verdansk’s vicious gas.

Although there is one major caveat… the killstreak will set you back a whopping $16,000 by the time you’ve purchased all four UAVs necessary. Although, a leak suggests that Counter UAVs could soon be coming to Buy Stations — and will be much more affordable.

Counter UAVs in Buy Station menu in Warzone.
Counter UAVs could cost a fraction of the price from Buy Stations.

According to the Reddit user, the killstreak will set players back just $500 more than the recon alternative. Meaning that providing players can get $4,500 in the bank, they’ll be able to wreak havoc on their opponents’ radar.

Of course, this will be a much more viable alternative to combining four UAVs… Although, should the leak hold substance, then Recon Contracts will be much more valuable during the early stages of a game, as there’s no doubt that minimaps will be scrambled for a good portion of the match.

It goes without saying that the leak should be taken with a pinch of salt until something is officially announced. With that said, should the leak prove to be true, we’ll most likely see the killstreak added as part of the mid-season update (expected on July 7).