Warzone 2 expert highlights major issue with Advanced UAVs not working

Jacob Hale
advanced uav in al mazrah in Warzone 2

Warzone 2 players have found some serious flaws with Advanced UAVs in the battle royale hit, baffled by how they work when compared to how they’re supposed to work.

Getting an Advanced UAV in Warzone 2 can be absolutely huge, allowing you to see directional markers for opponents and get regular updates on where the enemy is.

The killstreak has been extremely popular in Call of Duty for years now, and when it was discovered that you could earn them in Warzone as well, players quickly started saving enough cash to buy their three UAVs from the Buy Station to launch their Advanced UAV.

However, in Warzone 2, many have noticed some inconsistencies in the killstreak and even slammed some of the nerfs made by developers Raven Software.

Advanced UAVs not working in Warzone 2

If you’ve used the Advanced UAV much in Al Mazrah or Ashika Island, you may have noticed it not working as intended sometimes, with players fading out or randomly disappearing off of the mini-map. Now, there seems to be an explanation.

As evidenced by content creator XVI, it all comes down to which weapons are being used. In a series of clips he posted to Twitter, unsilenced weapons actually fade out of the UAV after firing, while silenced weapons always remain solid on the mini-map. The issue persists when using the Ghost perk too.

It’s unclear whether this is a design decision from Raven Software or simply an oversight, but needless to say, it’s left many players confused over whether this is how Advanced UAVs should work.