Warzone devs confirm list of bugs being fixed in future updates

Connor Bennett
Call of Duty character dropping into Warzone

[jwplayer br5AuoVJ][jwplayer br5AuoVJ]Infinity Ward has revealed a whole host of new bugs within Modern Warfare and Warzone that they’re either investigating or actively working on getting fixed – including addressing the dropping a weapon in the pre-game lobby and finding it in Verdansk exploit. 

Just like every other multiplayer game on the market, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has had its fair share of bugs and issues to deal with – be it something as simple as connection errors or bigger like having to reinstall the game over and over again.

Infinity Ward have been doing their best to combat the issues by rolling out updates on a regular basis, but with Warzone also adding different issues to their pile, they can build up.

Yet, the devs have revealed a handful of new bugs that have come to their attention and that may be fixed later down the line – with a few annoying problems finally making the cut. 

Warzone characters fighting
Infinity Ward have been getting some bugs fixed for Modern Warfare.

The Modern Warfare developers updated their Trello board on July 13 to note that six new bugs have been flagged as either being investigated to figure out a fix or as being worked on currently.

These include things like players being able to drop a weapon in the Warzone pre-game lobby and then find it when they land, tracer bullets not having the desired visual effect when a different ammo type has been equipped, and players having their physics messed up by a helicopter after they jump out of one. 

You can check out a list of what was added to the Trello board below:

  • If a player drops their weapons as the game transitions to the Infil sequence, they can find and pick up their dropped weapons once the match has started.
  • The tracers lose their impact VFX when the ammunition is changed from the default 5.56 NATO ammunition on the M4.
  • Users are able to turn the riot shield sideways in the preview screen.
  • Officer challenges are referenced as “Elder challenges” in the AAR.
  • Reports that the AAR shows different teams/values than their own in Warzone matches.
  • In some cases, players’ physics can be controlled by the helicopter while they have a parachute out.
Players had been able to drop a weapon in the pre-game lobby and then find it in Warzone.

Some of these, including the problem where players drop a weapon in the pre-game and find it when they drop into a match, as well as the physics being controlled by helicopters, are labeled as fixed in a future patch.

However, it is not yet known when these fixes will be rolled out. In the meantime, fans can take solace in the fact that the devs are trying to root out problems no matter how big or small.