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How to fix Warzone’s ‘fatal error unknown function’ error message

Published: 4/Jun/2021 13:53

by Connor Bennett


Warzone players on PC have been running into a new error message, fatal error unknown function, since the June 3rd update that is preventing them from playing. So, here are a few ways to maybe get around it.

Getting into a game of Warzone, only for it to crash and prevent you from winning can be a huge pain in the neck, but when you’re actually unable to play the battle royale because of an issue, well, that makes things worse.

In the past, PC players have had to deal with several error codes that stop them from getting into Verdansk, but the newest seems to be the most annoying of all.


That’s right, the fatal error unknown function issue has been cropping up ever since the June 3rd update, and some players have tried everything to get back into Warzone, but have fallen flat. So, here are a few things you can try if you’re having problems.

warzone charcters at subway
Infinity Ward
PC players have experienced a lot of errors in Warzone.

Like most PC issues, the fatal error unknown function problem is a mysterious one. It’s popped up out of the blue since the update, and players have had mixed results.

Some have been able to get into games of Modern Warfare, but Warzone just simply does not work because of the issue.


The first thing you can do is try to verify your game files. That somethings provides the kick the game needs to iron itself out. If not, you might have to scan and repair the problem. Additionally, you can try a more advanced tactic, adding a code to battle net launcher like YouTuber TECH SITES shows.

  1. Load up Battle Net
  2. Head to Warzone
  3. Go to settings, game settings, and then check the box that reads ‘additional command line arguments’
  4. Type in -D3D11 and then press done
  5. Try to load Warzone

If that doesn’t do it, well, you’re stuck with the classic uninstall and reinstall method.

  1. Load up Battle Net
  2. Uninstall Warzone
  3. Wait for it to finish
  4. Reinstall Warzone after a few minutes.

Now, these solutions might not work for you, but they’re worth trying, just to see if it kicks things into gear and gets you back into Verdansk.


If somebody, either a player or Raven Software reveals what the golden fix is, we’ll up this article with that. But for now, you’re going to have to try and hope for the best.