How to complete Warzone’s New Perspectives Intel Mission

Connor Bennett

[jwplayer fQfYV77d]Looking to complete the all-new New Perspectives mission in Call of Duty: Warzone? Here’s everything you need to know including the different locations to explore and what rewards you’ll get. 

While Warzone follows the typical battle royale formula of drop, loot, get eliminations, and survive to the end, the developers have added a few wrinkles of their own. 

The main differences compared to games like Fortnite and Apex Legends are that you can use typical Call of Duty killstreaks to help you win and you can also complete contracts to earn cash that lets you buy items. 

Though, there are few other things that you can do too. These come in the form of Intel missions, which require you to scour the map for a few items and complete objectives all for a few rewards.

New Perspectives – Intel #1 & 2

The newest of these intel missions is called New Perspectives but you can’t find all the items in one match. Yes, you will have to play multiple Warzone matches to complete the missions. 

However, this one kicks off around the Military Base that sits in the northwest part of the Verdansk map. There, you are instructed to find a small coin and a small piece of paper that link to a UAV. Now, don’t worry, you won’t have to grab a magnifying glass to find them.

The coin sits on a cinder block while the piece of paper is the building across from it. Simply walk up to them, hold your action button, and complete the first two parts of the mission.

New Perspectives intel at the Military Base
Here’s where the two pieces of intel are at the Military Base.

New Perspectives – Intel #3

After completing the objectives at the Military Base, you’ll have to use your third game to go to the Airport. So, things could get a little tasty.

There, you’ll need to head into the medium-sized building that sits across from the planes and hangars. Inside, you’ll search for a ringed binder that sits on a desk. Same story again, hold your action button, and tick off the next part.

New Perspectives intel at Airport
Here’s where you can find the intel at Airport

New Perspectives – Intel #4

For your fourth game, you’ll head to the Boneyard and search out a laptop that should have details about this UAV on. 

The laptop that you want is sat inside the hangar that is on a small hill. Just go inside, seek out the laptop, and hold your action button. Once you’ve done that, your quest will be close to its end. 

New Perspectives intel at Boneyar
Here’s where you can find the intel at Boneyard

New Perspectives – Intel #5

The fifth and final piece of intel you need for this mission is sat in the Downtown location. So, this could be a little annoying to complete if enemies want to fight.

Though, if you make it to Downtown, inside the most central building – the one that has Downtown written over it on your map – is a set of computers. Hold the action button and complete the mission.

New Perspectives intel in Downtown
Here’s where you can find the intel in Downtown

Once you’ve done all that, you should end up with a nice chunk of XP and an exclusive calling card. 

Obviously, it might take a few matches given that you can’t collect all the items in one game, so just keep at it.

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