Call of Duty Warzone: Season 4 Rewards

Shane Black
Warzone characters with gas masks

Warzone Season 4 is here, and it’s bringing a plethora of changes to the popular battle royale. More weapons, new gear, and a brand new rewards system called Warzone Rewards are headling the big update.

Aiming to offer a progression system and a set of rewards that are unique to this game, the new feature has an extensive way of operating that may not be easily understood when first booting the game up.

So here is a breakdown of how Warzone Rewards works, and how you can start unlocking new cosmetics in Season 4.

How Warzone Rewards works

Warzone Rewards

As mentioned, Warzone Rewards is a new set of challenges and rewards that are completely unique to Warzone. While there are still plenty that are shared across Modern Warfare 3 and Zombies, these are just for the one title and its handful of modes.

There are five categories of Warzone Rewards, with the fifth special category being reserved solely for the Champion’s Quest challenge in the game.

Each category has its own set of challenges that you can unlock to progress, as well as specific tasks that you can tackle in order to complete those challenges.

Here is a breakdown of what each category is, as well as what activities you can do to complete them:

  • Economics: Reward you for looting and spending Cash at Buy Stations during a match.
    • Loot Supply Crates
    • Loot Legendary Supply Crates
    • Spend Cash in Battle Royale or Resurgence
    • Stations in a single Battle Royale or Resurgence match
  • Contracts: Rewards you for completing different types, and numbers, of Contracts
    • Complete Contracts
    • Complete Scavenger, Intel, Signal Intelligence, or Spy Drone Contracts
    • Complete Bounty, Big Game Bounty, or Most Wanted Contracts
    • Complete three unique Contracts in a single Battle Royale or Resurgence match
  • Social: Rewards you for interacting with friendly and enemy players across all game modes
    • Live Ping Enemy Operators
    • Deploy Armor, Ammo, or Utility Boxes
    • Revive or Buy Back Players
    • Interrogate Enemy Operators in Battle Royale or Plunder
  • Mode: Rewards you for completing tasks in all game modes
    • Complete Games
    • Deposit 500k in a single Plunder match
    • Reduce Respawn Time in Resurgence
    • Reach the Top 10 without entering the Gulag in a single Battle Royale match
  • Champion’s Quest: Rewards you for completing the Champion’s Quest in Warzone
    • Complete the Champion’s Quest
    • Defuse the Nuke during Champion’s Quest
    • Witness the Nuke explosion during Champion’s Quest

There’s much more than just the Warzone Rewards coming to Season 4. Check out how to get the Superi 46, the Kar98k, and the new camo, Obsidian.

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