How to complete Black Ops Cold War’s Nuketown ’84 easter egg

Nuketown in Black Ops Cold WarActivision

Nuketown 84’s incredible easter egg has already been shown off, but how exactly do you unlock it? Well, we’ve got the steps you need to know. 

Since it first appeared back in Call of Duty: Black Ops, Nuketown has become a staple of Treyarch games – receiving a visual makeover to match the aesthetic of each new Black Ops release. 

On top of the new look, the map always has a few different secrets too. There was the RC-XD path in Black Ops 1, and then you had a rocket completely ruin the map after games of Black Ops 4. Plus, you always have an easter egg surrounding the mannequins. 

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In the past, shooting the heads off the dummies in a certain order, or within a certain time limit, has sparked things like a song playing or a secret, and that Easter Egg is back in Black Ops Cold War – but with a result that you probably won’t expect. 

Black Ops 1's Nuketown.Activision
Nuketown has been full of easter eggs since it first appeared in Black Ops.

Black Ops Cold War Nuketown easter egg steps

That’s right, the mannequin-based easter egg returns in Black Ops Cold War, and as usual, it’s actually pretty simple to complete. 

You just need to shoot the head off every mannequin around the map in under a minute or so to complete. That’s right, there’s no set order – but if you want to follow the order used in the video below, have at it. 

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Once it’s done, and you’ve quickly decapitated every mannequin in sight, your screen will change color – and start looking like a purple and blue digital filter. A synth wave song will also play, making you feel like you’re trapped inside a throwback arcade game.

  1. Load into a game on Nuketown 1984
  2. Shoot the heads off every Mannequin in under 60
  3. Wait for your screen to turn purple
  4. Enjoy the easter egg!

Of course, this Easter Egg might be a little difficult to complete in a public match, given how maniac games on Nuketown become.

So, be sure to take a look inside a private match if you don’t want it ruined by enemy players.