How Call of Duty can fix Zombies and bring back the nostalgia

Jaret Kappelman
How Call of Duty can fix Zombies and bring back the nostalgia

Call of Duty Zombies has become a staple to the franchise and has built up a huge community for itself. However, with the past few games, Zombies has seen a huge decline – but it can still be fixed and bring back the nostalgia at the same time.

Zombies started off back in Call of Duty: World at War as an Easter egg mode for beating the game.

The first map, Nacht Der Untoten, had only three buyable areas and a handful of weapons, whereas the latest map has over 30 guns, five perks, and multiple areas. Zombies went from an additional, simple mode to one that took over the franchise.

However, with Black Ops Cold War and now Vanguard, fans are slowly questioning the decision-making from the devs – but don’t worry, we know how to fix it.

Bring back Round-based maps, 4 Perk System, and Gobblegums

Gobblegums Zombies
The Gobblegum system worked well in Black Ops 3 and was essential in Easter egg runs.

The community was super hyped to find out Treyarch was in charge of Vanguard Zombies, as the company has had a lot of success with the mode in the past. However, upon release, players found out there weren’t any round-based maps.

Let’s fix that: Round-based maps have worked in Zombies for well over a decade, so why would Treyarch try to change it? I think every fan of the community would say the first thing to make the game infinitely better would be adding classic-style maps.

On top of that, the game is just too easy now with loadouts, infinite perks, and revives. How about we bring back the four perk limit, which made it a bit tough to pick what we wanted versus what we needed.

Also, Gobblegums were a huge success in BO3. While we’ve seen systems similar to it, none have worked quite like the gumball machine did.

Make challenging Easter eggs 

Revelations Map Zombies
The Revelations Easter egg took nine days to solve and was quite challenging.

It took nine days for the community to figure out how to complete the Revelations Easter egg. Nine days! It probably took a combined 12 hours to figure out all of them in Cold War, and we still don’t have any questlines in Vanguard as it is delayed with Season 1.

Treyarch, please make Easter eggs difficult and hard to figure out. Nothing beats the 24-hour streams or the entire community rallying to help each other solve the steps.

The thing with Zombies is that, when one person finally solves the Easter egg, the whole community wins, because that how tight everyone is. We need them to be a challenge again.

Release Zombies Chronicles 2

With the end of Black Ops 3, Zombies fans were left speechless, confused, and wanting more. Over nine months passed after the final DLC, but then we got the greatest thing that happened to the game: Zombies Chronicles.

Zombies Chronicles
Treyarch needs to release Zombies Chronicles 2 and bring back the fun players had.

There have been rumors floating around about the second chronicles releasing, and if it’s true, then what are we waiting for? The game feels like it’s at an all time low and there’s less than 1% of the player base that actually enjoys Vanguard.

Make a stand-alone game, throw every map from WaW through Black Ops 4, and charge however much you want. Whether it’s $20 or $200, people will buy it because they are passionate about this game and its community.

There’s a saying: “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” So, it’s your move Treyarch. You had a system that worked really well.

Don’t abandon ship now. Do it for the fans, bring back the style we all fell in love with, and in the words of Tank Dempsey, do it “Once more, for old times sake.”

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