Game-breaking Warzone hack allows player to fly across the map

Warzone teleport hackTreyarch/Activision

Warzone pro Thomas ‘Tommey’ Trewren encountered a player in one of his matches using an unbelievable hack that allowed them to fly across the map and teleport at will.

Season 5 of Warzone is well underway, and while some players are enjoying the new content, others have departed the Call of Duty battle royale for one simple reason – hackers.

With huge content creators like NICKMERCS, CouRage, and TimTheTatman all moving over to Apex Legends, it’s obvious there’s a serious problem that needs to be addressed in Warzone.

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Despite hacks having started in the battle royale as simple aimbots, they’ve now been designed to provide more advanced features, including pinging every player on the map, offering X-ray vision, and now, even giving players the ability to fly and teleport.

Flying hack WarzoneTreyarch/Activision
Hacking and cheating have become a serious problem in Warzone.

New Warzone hack allows players to fly and teleport

While streaming on Twitch, Warzone pro player Tommey noticed an opponent in his match fly from the top of a building down to the ground almost instantly.

The encounter completely caught him off-guard, but it didn’t take him long to realize that he was witnessing a brand new hack that allows players to teleport at will and float through the air.

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Although it’s always frustrating to have to leave a game due to a hacker, Tommey took the whole experience quite well and even found it funny watching the player zip through the air.

“Wait, I’ve never seen this hack in my life, what is that? Woah! I’ve never seen that in my life”.

Tommey’s teammate zJelly was even killed by the hacker shortly after this clip, and from his perspective, it’s clear to see that the cheater can teleport whenever they want.

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As they’re able to instantly teleport, it’s impossible to lock them down or know where they’re coming from, so the match was completely over with them in the game.

Although this hack is completely game-breaking and ruins the entire match for the whole lobby, it won’t be a surprise to any long-time Warzone players.

The cheats that are being used in the battle royale are becoming more and more advanced, and slowly but surely, hackers are growing in number every day.

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While players continue to call for anti-cheat, it doesn’t seem like the problem is going to get any better in the near future.

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