FormaL and Scump laugh in response to Kurt0411 Twitch host controversy

FIFA pro Kurt0411 thumbs down while FormaL laughsYouTube: Kurt0411 / Twitter: NRGgg

After Matthew ‘FormaL’ Piper and Seth ‘Scump’ Abner failed to notice a big host on Twitch from FIFA professional Kurt ‘Kurt0411’ Fenech, the soccer-sim star lashed out online. Reacting to the recent controversy, the ‘T2P’ duo couldn’t help but laugh at the situation.

At the conclusion of a January 18 broadcast, popular FIFA pro Kurt0411 decided to send his viewers to the Call of Duty scene by hosting one of the biggest names online, Chicago Huntsmen’s FormaL. 

In the midst of a heated scrim, the alert went unnoticed by the CoD pro as he continued to focus on the match at hand. Sparking an outrage online, Kurt0411 claimed that he would “never” raid “another CoD streamer ever again.” Reacting in their next set of scrims, FormaL and Scump made a mockery of the situation and laughed at the controversy.

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With just under 100,000 followers to his name on Twitch, the FIFA player sent 2,155 viewers over to FormaL as he signed off. In the midst of a Hardpoint match on Hackney Yard when the host came through however, the veteran CoD pro was focused on his match and not at all paying attention to any alerts, as is common practice throughout the scene for those who stream.

Taking personal offense at the lack of acknowledgment, Kurt0411 lashed out on Twitter stating that “just because you’re lucky enough to be playing a game without delay doesn’t mean you shouldn’t acknowledge a raid triple your viewers. F**k Scump and FormaL.”

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With essentially the entire CoD community turning out in support of the duo, the Chicago Huntsmen players laughed off the issue in their latest streams on January 19. “That guy that toasted us is getting toasted,” FormaL joked. “Everyone’s got our back bro,” Scump quickly responded.

“He hosted me mid-map so what do you expect? Thank you, thank you,” Scump amusingly joked, impersonating the FIFA streamer.

“I literally was like, ‘thanks for the host’ mid-game, and I look at my chat again and just see a bunch of rats being spammed. Ungrateful, ungrateful…I was like holy sh*t what the f**k’s happening?” FormaL amusingly added before focusing up on the next map in the series.

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Deciding not to let the drama go, despite being called a “grade A prick” by Damon ‘Karma’ Barlow, Kurt0411 doubled down and pushed out another controversial tweet. This time, he was complaining about Scump and FormaL’s Twitch “mods timing out all the viewers [he] sent.”

“1 tweet and got the entire COD community on strings, all chatting when they don’t even know what happened. Yeah our game might be made by the worst company in the world but we still have triple your viewers.”


Evidently not at all phased by the situation, the CoD pros continued on with their practice as per usual in order to warm up for the opening set of matches in the Call of Duty League.

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Regardless of how Twitch viewership turns out as the 2020 season kicks off on January 24, it appears that Kurt0411 will not be among those tuned in to the very first Chicago Huntsmen match.