Farm 18 revealed as new Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer map

Ryan Lemay
Modern Warfare 2 2022 cover art

Modern Warfare 2 developers revealed the design process of creating the multiplayer map Farm 18.

Activision announced Modern Warfare 2’s first multiplayer map at CDL Champs 2022. Marina Bay Grand Prix is a mid-range map based on an F1 track in Singapore. Players battle in and around a racetrack.

The developers also announced the Call of Duty Next presentation. The stream airs on September 15, one day before the Playstation-exclusive part of the multiplayer beta begins. CoD Next addresses everything players can expect from multiplayer in the upcoming game.

A previous CoD leak revealed Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer maps; Saba, Museum, and Oil Field. The leak also mentioned Grand Prix, which turned out to be reliable.

Farm 18 marks the second official map revealed for Modern Warfare 2.

Modern Warfare character holding assault rifle
Modern Warfare 2’s multiplayer reveal is set for September.

Modern Warfare 2 developers reveal Farm 18

The official Call of Duty Twitter account shared a video of Farm 18’s development process.

Geoff Smith, Director of Multiplayer Design, said, “Farm 18 came out of the idea of the Shoot House.”

Shoot House was a fan-favorite short-range multiplayer map in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2019. The map took place on a remote live-firing range somewhere in the deserts of Urzikstan.

The Call of Duty developers aimed to create a similar “Shoothopuse type situation” in the middle of Farm 18 while allowing different playstyles in other map areas.

Senior Artist Ashley Thundercliffe said, “it’s a perfect balance between all departments trying to find the perfect harmony to ensure we got a beautiful realistic looking space while also being fun for the players to enjoy.”

Thundercliffe also emphasized the importance of foliage not catering to “people hiding in corners” on the map.

Hidden at the end of the trailer was also the first look at multiplayer’s gunplay.