Major CoD leak reveals Modern Warfare 2 and CoD 2024 maps

Modern Warfare characters in gunfight next to MWII logoActivision

New Call of Duty leaks claim to give players their first look at multiplayer maps from both Modern Warfare II and Treyarch’s untitled CoD 2024 title, with the arrival of the 2022 title closing in rapidly. 

Despite Vanguard having months of its life-cycle left, plenty of players are looking forwards to what is to come with Infinity Ward’s Modern Warfare 2, which will drop on October 28.

We already know a number of story details and characters, but multiplayer maps have remained elusive. That is, until now.

Modern Warfare 2 Ghost next to MWII logoActivision
Modern Warfare 2 will drop in October of 2022, a long-awaited follow up to MW 2019.

Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer maps leaked

On July 2, leaker RealiityUK released a plethora of images, all claimed to be multiplayer maps from either Modern Warfare 2 or Call of Duty 2024. Shortly after the leaks were made public however, RealiityUK’s account was banned.

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Details about the latter – Treyarch’s next installment after a two-year life-cycle for MW2 – are incredibly scarce, but maps now appear to have leaked ahead of any other game details.

The number of leaks is too great to cover in full, with details relating to weapons and perks also included.

On the multiplayer maps, they leaked a number from MW2, including a Grand Prix map which will allegedly have a day and night version. Others are set at an oilfield, a museum, a town square, and even one under the name ‘Esports Gym’.

Naturally, these maps remain unconfirmed until official word comes from Infinity Ward, Treyarch, or Activision. Much can change in the development process and leaks can be incorrect even if they come directly from game files.

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They even claimed to release first looks at Treyarch’s next title, which won’t launch until 2024.

The maps – allegedly called Stealth and Pillage – represent the first real glimpse we have of whatever follows Black Ops Cold War. After being hurried into developing that 2020 title, Treyarch have been given an extra year to work on their 2024 instalment.

Whether or not the leaks were removed from Twitter due to copyright infringement is unknown, but they were only active on Twitter for a few hours before being shut down.

It’s our best idea yet of what multiplayer in MW2 and CoD 2024 will look like but, like any leaks, they’re best taken with a pinch of salt.

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