Jukeyz’ team wins Dr Disrespect’s $20K Warzone Showdown: final placements

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With Warzone Season 3 now in full swing, Dr Disrespect hosted the latest $20,000 Code Red Game Fuel Showdown and it was Jukeyz & fifakillvizualz who came out on top. Here’s a full rundown on how the competition unfolded.

  • Jukeyz & fifakillvizualz secure $10,000 secured for their Grand Final win.
  • Aydan & Rated fought off five consecutive opponents in the lower bracket.
  • Dr Disrespect bombed out early in his own Warzone event.

Dr Disrespect’s $20K Code Red Warzone tournament: Final Placements

Placement Team Prize
1st Jukeyz & fifakillvizualz $10,000
2nd Aydan & Rated $6,000
3rd MuTeX & Blazt $4,000
4th Tommey & AlmxndTV
Top 6 Bloo & Flxnked
iSmixie & Intechs
Top 8 HusKerrs & newbz
Swagg & GDBooya

Dr Disrespect’s $20K Code Red Warzone tournament: Results & Recap

The Doc’s very own Warzone competition didn’t quite play out how he’d imagined.  While the two-time was all too confident he’d close out the win, Dr Disrespect didn’t actually win a series. Alongside his duo ZLaner, the two were knocked out of the event in the very first round.

Meanwhile, it was Warzone’s most accomplished talent that made its way through the upper bracket. From Tommey to HusKerrs, plenty of the highest earners got the ball rolling with some impressive maps early on.

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The Duo of Rated & Aydan found themselves in the lower bracket early into the day. However, they were able to fight through five consecutive opponents to secure a spot in the Grand Final where they took on Jukeyz & fifakillvizualz.

After a bracket reset in the final series, it was ultimately Jukeyz & fifakillvizualz who came out on top in the end.

Dr Disrespect’s $20K Code Red Warzone tournament: Stream

If you’re trying to rewatch the event live, you’ve got plenty of options for this Warzone competition. BoomTV hosted a hub stream with Chris Puckett and Katie Bedford keeping on top of all the action.

Additionally, just about every player was streaming their perspective as well. We’ve embedded the Doc’s POV below so you can catch up on his run through his own event.

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Dr Disrespect’s $20K Code Red Warzone tournament: Schedule

The latest Code Red event took place across a single day of action. It all got underway on Monday, April 26 with the first lobbies having kicked off at 12PM PT / 3PM ET.

As with most Warzone competitions, there was exact end time in place. The event ran for roughly seven hours when all was said and done.

Dr Disrespect’s $20K Code Red Warzone tournament: Teams

A majority of the most popular Warzone players all ready for Dr Disrespect’s $20k event. We’ve got the full list of Duos below so you know exactly who dropped into Verdansk ‘84.

Code Red Warzone players
Dr Disrespect ZLaner
MuTeX Blazt
Emzy angellat
TeePee UnRationaL
Dashy Blazt
Bloo Flxnked
Clayster Frozone
iSmixie Intechs
Tommey AlmxndTV
BobbyPoffGaming babydillster
blakecissel JorgeSummertime
HusKerrs newbz
Rated Aydan
Swagg GDbooya
Crowder TBD
Jukeyz fifakillvizualz

Dr Disrespect’s $20K Code Red Warzone tournament: Format

No different from earlier Code Red Warzone events, this $20k tournament featured a double-elimination bracket. It followed the standard kill-race structure with every kill worth just one point. 

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  • 2v2 kill-race.
  • Quad Playlist.
  • Upper Bracket: Best of 3. Duo with most kills advances.
  • Lower Bracket: Best of 1. Duo with most kills advances.
  • Grand Finals: Highest kills after 2 games wins. If the Lower Bracket team wins, the series is reset and another 2 games will be played.

Prize Pool breakdown:

  • 1st – $10,000
  • 2nd – $6,000
  • 3rd – $4,000