Dr Disrespect says Warzone 2 is “chalked” without developer change

Nathan Warby
Dr Disrespect on stream

It’s no secret that Dr Disrespect has been less than impressed with Warzone in recent months, and the streaming star has now called for a new team of developers to take the reigns on Warzone 2 instead of Raven Software.

Despite its overwhelming popularity, the general feeling among the CoD community is that Warzone has lost its way in recent months. Luckily, Warzone 2 is expected to arrive later this year, and fans are hopeful the sequel can reignite the battle royale.

One of the most vocal Warzone critics has been streaming royalty, Dr Disrespect, who has repeatedly called out the state of the game, taking aim at the design decision taken by the developers.

Now, the two-time has called for Raven Software, the team in charge of Warzone at the moment, to be replaced in Warzone 2.

Dr Disrespect calls for Raven to be replaced as devs on Warzone 2

On a recent Warzone stream, Doc encountered a frustrating solos death after an enemy popped a self-revive, causing him to call out the developers once again.

“You had self-revive in solos, braindead f*****g game design man. Get this game on a new team, holy s**t,” he ranted. Doc was then discussing Warzone 2 with TimTheTatman, and explained his hopes for a new developer to take charge.

“I hope Raven’s not on Warzone 2. They need a new studio,” he continued. “Fingers crossed Modern Warfare 2 is good but more so Warzone 2 is good. Because if Raven’s building Warzone 2 you might as well chalk it right now.”

Tim did come to Raven’s defense, but Doc insisted that Treyarch would be the best choice to take the battle royale forward, and that Warzone 2 needs major changes to succeed.

“I feel like it needs to dramatically shift in terms of its personality, its look, its fiction, whatever it is — the gameplay needs to shift,” he told his fellow streamer. “And if they [Raven] support Warzone 2 we’re just going to get more of the same s**t, that’s all I’m saying.”

We already know that Infinity Ward are heading up Warzone 2 and overseeing its integration with Modern Warfare 2, but Raven will continue to have a hand in its ongoing development. Hopefully, the two can come up with a new gameplay formula to get Dr Disrespect back on board.

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