Dr Disrespect blasts Warzone 2 self-revive system: “So f**king stupid”

YouTube: Dr Disrespect

Streaming star Dr Disrespect isn’t a big fan of Warzone’s self-revive changes, blasting the battle royale as “stupid” and “boring” right now. 

The long-awaited arrival of Warzone 2 has helped breathe some new life into the Call of Duty battle royale scene, with plenty of players praising the new changes brought about by the developers. 

Though, Dr Disrespect has had a bit of a love-hate relationship with it – as usual. The Two-Time initially praised the battle royale as having “great” potential, but has flip-flopped on that position and urged the developers to make serious changes. 

Even though he’s threatened to quit the game a few times, The Doc has been dropping back into Al Mazrah, looking to score wins and drop nukes with his duo ZLaner. However, he’s got a big issue with the game’s self-revive system. 

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Dr Disrespect fumes at Warzone 2’s “stupid” self-revives

Previously, in the original Warzone, players had the option to purchase one self-revive for themselves. Now, you can stack a few in your backpack and use them one after another. 

This became a bugbear for The Doc during a recent session as he thought he’d wiped a team out, only for one of them to get back up and quickly send him back to the main menu. “I thought I put him down. There’s too many stupid ass self-revives, I get confused, it’s just so f*cking stupid,” he fumed. 

The Two-Time pointed to the audio and in-game feed as additional issues, but he zeroed in on the self-revives. “I don’t want people to self-revive next to me and not hear them, boring!”

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He continued by calling the mechanic one of many “cheesy” and “stupid” things that the battle royale currently has. 

It’s unlikely that the devs will make any drastic decisions so soon after a recent update, but if they become an annoyance to the wider fanbase, then The Doc might have sparked a change.