Dr Disrespect roasts Warzone’s Easter update: “Nobody wants this”

Dr Disrespect and Warzone's easter egg basketsYouTube: Dr Disrespect/Activision

Streaming star Dr Disrespect was left baffled by Warzone’s new easter loot boxes, claiming that not even the kids who play Warzone want to see it in the game.

When real-world holidays roll around, multiplayer game developers are always quick to bring new content out that’s themed for the day in question or even longer.

Warzone dipped into toes into the real world celebrations with a full-on Halloween event – The Haunting of Verdansk – but now we’re around Easter, Raven Software have added some more stuff as well.

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Some loot crates around Verdansk have been replaced by Easter baskets and if you open one up, you receive a Contraband contract for weapon blueprints. Some players have had plenty of fun with it, but not Dr Disrespect.

Dr Disrespect YouTube Call of Duty WarzoneYouTube / Dr Disrespect
The Doc never pulls his punches when complaining about something.

During his April 2 stream, The Doc was back in the Warzone and running through some solo games when he happened upon one of the new Easter baskets inside a small house.

The streaming star had a pretty confused look on his face at first and after getting his hands on the Contraband contract, questioned why this had been added.

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“Nobody wants that, nobody,” he said, shaking his head in disgust. “Haven’t you seen these videos of these kids playing with their dads? They’re like 6/7-year-old kids doing call-outs. They’re not even interested in it.” The Doc was only left more confused by things when the helicopter that is meant to be used to complete the contract wasn’t quite working properly and bugged.

Timestamp of 52:30

While some fans have enjoyed the quick new update, and gotten their hands on the blueprints, it’s clear that The Two-Time would rather see the devs focus on bigger issues.

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He’s been pretty vocal over the last few weeks about improving the battle royale, especially the solos mode, which he’s suggested should be made a little quicker.

Whether or not the devs heed his advice remains to be seen, but the Doc knows a thing or two about making CoD games.

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