Dr Disrespect responds to fans telling him to drop ZLaner for Tommey in Warzone

tommey and dr disrespect warzone duoActivision/100 Thieves/Dr Disrespect

Dr Disrespect and Zack ‘ZLaner’ Lane have been a longstanding duo in Warzone tournaments, but the Doc has had to respond to fans urging him to play with 100 Thieves star Tommey instead.

The Two-Time has played with Tommey before, taking part in a $10k Cracked Creator tournament qualifier together. Though they didn’t make it to the finals, which were ultimately won by Fifakill and Spratt, fans loved seeing Tommey and Doc playing together.

In fact, they enjoyed that duo so much, that viewers have been urging Dr Disrespect to team with Tommey in the future, at the expense of his duo relationship with ZLaner.

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The conversations have been so continuous and ongoing that during a Warzone stream with Z, the Doc had to respond to all of the comments.

Dr Disrespect YouTube streamYouTube: Dr Disrespect
The Doc has a rabid fanbase.

After a couple of hours playing with ZLaner, competing in the finals of the tournament, Doc explained why he played with Tommey originally and seemed to answer the call of his viewers.

After someone said that fans “got worried” about the Doc finding another duo partner, he was very respectful about both ZLaner and Tommey.

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“Tommey said ‘Hey, I’ll step in, I got you,’” he explained. “Z had a little vacation, taking out the Porsche, so Tommey stepped in and we got the job done… almost.”

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The comments on the YouTube stream show that the discussion around ZLaner vs Tommey is still a big one.

One comment says that “Doc needs the human UAV Tommey back,” while another says that “Tommey’s pace helps Doc focus more.”

Needless to say, it seems like Dr Disrespect will be sticking with ZLaner in the future — but it’s not impossible we see him hit Verdansk with Tommey again some time.

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