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BoomTV’s $50k Cracked Creator Series Warzone tournament: Qualifier #1 results

Published: 20/Jul/2021 6:00 Updated: 20/Jul/2021 6:01

by Alex Garton


BoomTV has kicked off their new Cracked Creator Series Warzone tournament that pairs up the best players from around the globe with some of the most well-known content creators.

The Season 4 Reloaded patch has arrived in Warzone and it’s introduced a number of huge additions that are guaranteed to shake up the meta.

With a deadly new SMG for players to master, the sentry gun killstreak available to deploy, and a huge amount of weapon changes, there’s no better time to host a Warzone tournament.

Luckily for us, BoomTV is delivering exactly that with the return of their Cracked Creator Series, offering over $50,000 in prizes. With four separate dates all guaranteed to offer nonstop action for viewers, this is an event you don’t want to miss.


$50k Cracked Creator Series Warzone stream

The event will be streamed live on Hitch’s official Twitch channel, but viewers can also tune into individual competitor’s streams.

$50k Cracked Creator Series Warzone schedule

Unlike most single-day Warzone events, the Cracked Creators Series will take place over the course of four days beginning on July 19. You can check out the specific dates below:

  • Qualifier #1: July 19 ($10k)
  • Qualifier #2: July 26 ($10k)
  • Qualifier #3: August 2 ($10k)
  • Finals: August 9 ($25k)

HusKerrs & QueenShadows win Qualifier #1

To kick things off on day one, Duos were drafted right out of the gate. From former competitive CoD pros teaming with popular streamers to sniping legends teaming with Warzone veterans, the event featured a unique mix of talent across the board. Only four Duos could earn a spot in the all-important finals, however.


Despite dropping to the lower bracket early in the day, Tommey & SenseiSwishem were one such Duo that finished among the Top 4, thanks to some extraordinary plays that left Hitch speechless.

They eventually met HusKerrs & QueenShadows in the finals to fight for the lion’s share of a $10,000 prize pool.

While a bracket reset came through, it was ultimately HusKerrs & QueenShadows that walked away victorious in the first qualifiers.

$50k Cracked Creator Series Warzone format

The Cracked Creator Series is not your typical Warzone event, as two pros won’t be able to team up together. Instead, there are 16 content creators and 16 competitive players which will be paired up together in Duos.


These combined Duos will then part in a 2v2 kill race format to see which squad can come out on top in the qualifiers. Then, the best set of Duos will then get a chance to play in the finals on August 9.

$25K Cracked Creator Finals: Qualified teams

With each round of qualifiers, new teams are earning their way through to the $25K final showdown. We’ll keep you updated here as the world’s best players punch their ticket to the August 9 event.

Qualified Duos
QueenShadows & HusKerrs Pamaj & Blazt
AverageJoeWo & BlakeCissel Tommey & SenseSwishem

Make sure you tune in on July 26 for the second set of qualifiers so you don’t miss out on any of the action and you can see which streamer takes home the crown.