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Fifakill & Spratt win $50K Cracked Creator Series Warzone event: final results

Published: 10/Aug/2021 6:50 Updated: 10/Aug/2021 6:53

by Brad Norton


BoomTV hosted another round of the Cracked Creator Warzone Series and this time, it was Spratt & Fifakill who closed out the $25,000 finals.

  • Fifakill & Spratt win $25,000 finals.
  • DrDisrespect & ZLaner among big names knocked out early.
  • Former UFC Champ Max Holloway went on another lower bracket run with ScummN.

BoomTV delivered another wave of the exciting Cracked Creator Series, offering a total of $50,000 in prizes over the month-long event. After three rounds of qualifiers, here’s how the final $25,000 showdown played out.

$50k Cracked Creator Series final placements (Top 8)

Placement Duo Prize
1st Spratt & Fifakill $15,000
2nd LEGIQN & UnRationaL $7,500
3rd Max Holloway & ScummN $2,500
4th HusKerrs & QueenShadows
Top 6 Speros & Intechs
Newbz & OpTic Jorge
Top 8 JessieCooks & NiicoInfinite
BrittneyRaines & Aydan

$50k Cracked Creator Series results & recap

After weeks of grinding through qualifier events, the finals were all that remained on August 9. 16 players dropped into the first round of action but before long, many of the biggest names found themselves out of title contention.

DrDisrespect was finally back in the mix alongside ZLaner but the pair couldn’t find their footing this time around. Two consecutive losses and they were out, as were the likes of MuTeX, Pamaj, and Almond. Despite being knocked down early, it was former UFC Champion Max Holloway and his partner ScummN that went on a tear through the lower bracket. Four wins in a row had them cruising through to the lower bracket finals where their run ultimately came to an end.


On the other side of the bracket, Spratt & Fifakill pushed through the upper matches without dropping a series. The $25K finals came to a close with a rematch between Spratt & Fifakill and LEGIQN & UnRationaL.

After a closely contested affair, it was Spratt & Fifakill who secured the top spot when all was said and done.

$50k Cracked Creator Series Warzone schedule

Unlike most single-day Warzone events, the Cracked Creators Series took place over the course of four days beginning on July 19. You can check out the specific dates below:

  • Qualifier #1: July 19 ($10k)
  • Qualifier #2: July 26 ($10k)
  • Qualifier #3: August 2 ($10k)
  • Finals: August 9 ($25k)

Spratt & fifakill win Qualifier # 3

For the third and final Qualifying round, Duos were giving it their all to nab the last remaining spots in the upcoming $25K finals. Among the competitors this time around were big names like DrDisrespect, former UFC champion Max Holloway, Spratt, and plenty more.


DrDisrespect kicked off his run with a big win alongside Tommey, though the Duo soon found themselves knocked out loser’s round 2. Similarly, experienced pros Jukeyz, Kalei Renay, and Stukawaki to name a few, were all eliminated early.

Cruising through the upper bracket was none other than sniping phenom Spratt and his duo fifakill. Together, they went on a flawless run, taking out five consecutive games to secure the first place victory.

Speros & Intechs win Qualifier #2

To kick things off on day one, Duos were drafted right out of the gate. From former competitive CoD pros teaming with popular streamers to sniping legends teaming with Warzone veterans, the event featured a unique mix of talent across the board. Only four Duos could earn a spot in the all-important finals, however.


In Qualifier #2 the duo of Speros and Intechs didn’t drop a single match and powered their way through the winner’s bracket to claim the victory.

The power duo rolled through their matches and took down Newbz and OpTic Jorge in the upper finals. Newbz and Jorge were able to fight back in the lower bracket but were unable to take down Speros and Intechs as they went to sweep them and claim their share of the $10,000 prize pool.

$50k Cracked Creator Series Warzone format

The Cracked Creator Series was not your typical Warzone event, as two pros were unable to team up together. Instead, there were 16 content creators and 16 competitive players that were paired up together in Duos.


These combined Duos then played in a 2v2 kill race format to see which squads emerged through the qualifiers. Then, the best set of Duos got a chance to play in the finals on August 9.

$25K Cracked Creator Finals: Qualified teams

With each round of qualifiers, new teams earned their way through to the $25K final showdown. Below is the full list of teams that competed in the final round of action.

Qualified Duos
QueenShadows & HusKerrs Pamaj & Blazt
AverageJoeWo & Bloo Tommey & SenseSwishem
Speros & Intechs Newbz & OpTic Jorge
MuTeX & Mike P Holly & Almond
Spratt & fifakill JessieCooks & Nicoinfinite
BlessedMMA & ScummN Aydan & BrittneyRaines
JessieCooks & Niicoinfinite Scope & itzwarsz
Futives & Rated DrDisrespect & ZLaner