Dr Disrespect impresses ZLaner with nasty Warzone 1v4 clutch

Michael Gwilliam
Dr Disrespect clutch in warzone

YouTuber and legendary streamer Dr Disrespect showed why he is one of the greatest gamers to ever pick up a controller or place his hands on a mouse and keyboard with a 1v4 Warzone win that needs to be seen.

Dr Disrespect is more than just a 6’6 athlete and freak of nature. The back-to-back Blockbuster video game champion is well-known for his insane snipes.

With an accuracy that would probably make Simo Häyhä blush, the two-time has a knack for clicking heads with pinpoint procession. Against Doc, bad things happen to anyone who dares to peek.

During a stream alongside OpTic ZLaner, Doc was the only man on his squad remaining and needed to clutch out a one-against-four to secure the win. Needless to say, he did it in style.

Doc’s 1v4 clutch hypes ZLaner

With Z’s commentary and words of encouragement in his headset serving as the Alfred to his Batman, Doc took aim and removed his first foe hiding inside of a house.

“In on the backside,” ZLaner comm’d as the two-time unleashed his violence, speed, and momentum to his next target. “Two of them. I love this. I actually f**king love this!”

After heading into the house and taking out yet another adversary, the banned Twitch streamer flanked on the outside and fragged the third before they could jump through a window.

Dr Disrespect poses like hulk hogan
Dr Disrespect dominated the Warzone lobby 1v4.

“Oh baby! One-v-one!” the OpTic streamer cried in glee as Doc looked to complete the comeback. “That guy’s on the tree right in front of you.”

Armed with his trademark sniper rifle, Doc finished off the match with one shot right between the eyes to be the last man standing.

The insane play sent shockwaves throughout Twitter where it was watched nearly half a million times. Quite a ridiculous clip by one of the best in the business and the win to round out a pretty solid 2021 for the two-time.