Dr Disrespect still believes Halo Infinite “must have battle royale” to survive

Dr Disrespect next to Halo's Master Chief.YouTube: DrDisrespect / 343 Industries

Dr Disrespect hasn’t given up hope 343 Industries is secretly working on a Halo Infinite battle royale, claiming the game “must” add the modern mode to its playlists early in 2022 or risk falling out of favor entirely ⁠— and he’s even willing to work on it himself to make sure it gets made.

The two-time has been loving Halo⁠— a lot more than Warzone, at least ⁠— but YouTube’s spectacled streamer is concerned. He believes without following the path set by Apex Legends, Warzone, and Fortnite, it will eventually die.

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The long-awaited Halo sequel launched in the early weeks of December and immediately won Dr Disrespect over. He claimed the title was a return to gaming of old, and praised 343 for their arena designs. And yet, he still has one thing on his mind: a Halo Infinite battle royale.

“That’s it… that’s what it needs,” he claimed.

“The people saying Halo doesn’t need a battle royale said Battlefield didn’t need one. Now look at where that game is,” he laughed. “You have to have one.”

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Dr Disrespect and Master Chief from Halo Infinite.YouTube: Dr Disrespect / 343 Industries
The two-time is adamant a Halo Infinite battle royale is the future of the franchise.

Dr Disrespect quickly added he has been loving Halo’s new multiplayer offering ⁠— he’s pretty much dubbed it perfect, actually ⁠— and is happy with where 343 has taken the arena shooter side of the franchise.

But, he still believes they need to modernize, and not just in all the possible player-designed Forge levels, which he quickly brushed off as a “stupid way to make it.”

“It’s crazy to think about how good the game could be. Massive potential. I really think it must have one. That is where the game needs to start heading, soon.”

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Halo Infinite screenshot showing a huge installation343 Industries
The open-world Halo Infinite design certainly does have a battle royale feel to it.

“Imagine the design of a battle royale in Halo,” the two-time continued. “Think about all the Halo maps, how they could fit together into one battlefield. Big Team Battle maps would just be the Superstore area of a battle royale map in the game.

“Lord. Think about the space that you’d be jumping into, you’ll fight in. You could fly through it. Halo has always had a nice big ring. Start the game in a spacecraft, land on the ring. Close in that circle on either end. It’s all right there.

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“I mean damn,” he added, “make it the Flood! Call it that even ⁠— The Flood. Imagine that, battling Spartans then running away from the Flood on the ring.”

Dr Disrespect was so excited, he started describing all the ways the devs could design a Halo-flavored battle royale map, and even offered to help build the game.

“Think about all the multiplayer maps from all the way back in the original Halo to now, in Infinite playlists. Not just the layouts of maps, but the fictions of all these famous maps too. The stories there are just so rich. Then put all these maps together, combine them on a massive scale.”

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Finally, Doc dropped his big offer: “I’d love to design that. I could put my multi-million dollar streaming career on hold. I’m willing to do it, 343, ask for my resume.”