Dr Disrespect has big doubts about Warzone 2 and the future of Call of Duty

Connor Bennett
Dr Disrespect looking at camera and talking

Streaming star Dr Disrespect harbors some pretty big concerns about Warzone 2 as he’s unsure it’ll be the “savior” that Call of Duty is searching for. 

Ever since Call of Duty: Warzone first launched, it has proven to be one of the top battle royales on the market. Though, it has had its fair share of issues with cheaters, bugs, and everything else you can think of.

For the longest time, there had been rumors about a sequel, or even a fresh take on the CoD battle royale – and those rumors became reality when Activision confirmed that work was underway on a follow-up to Warzone.

Warzone 2 is reportedly set to release during the Modern Warfare 2 cycle – which kicks off in October – but Dr Disrespect has a few concerns about things.

Warzone 2 logo on fire background
Warzone 2 has been confirmed for 2022.

The former Call of Duty developer, who hasn’t been shy in criticizing the franchise he loves so much, detailed his concerns during his June 27 stream after noting that he’s lost interest in watching Warzone streams.

He noted that the franchise does need a shot in the arm, but isn’t sure Warzone 2 is the answer. “Is Warzone 2 going to be the savior (of CoD)? I don’t know man. I don’t know,” The Doc said. “I can see some initial hype but nothing like the original Warzone map and the original Verdansk. I just don’t see it. I think what we see is the slow decline.

“Unless they come up with some crazy… I don’t know man. I just don’t think the engine can be pushed any further, it is maxed out.”

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The Two-Time doubled down on the fact that while there will be plenty of hype, but he’s unsure any new Warzone release will match the original “energy” that the battle royale – and its initial Verdansk map – had.

While he noted there is a massive team working on each game, they are ultimately limited by the engine and believes it needs a “massive overhaul” to sort out.

Obviously, The Doc will be playing the new installments to the CoD franchise once they go live, he’s skeptical about where things are headed.

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