Warzone 2 to implement new Rainbow Six-like ‘Interrogation’ feature

Michael Gwilliam
Warzone 2 Interrogation feature

A new Warzone 2 leak is claiming that the upcoming battle royale will be adding a feature very similar to Rainbow Six’s Interrogation.

Call of Duty Warzone 2 could be the most anticipated battle royale game of all time and the first to receive an actual sequel with others such as Fortnite and Apex Legends still operating as is.

Like with many CoD titles, leaks are aplenty and a new batch by well-known insider Tom Henderson claims that the sequel will be adding loads of new features.

One of the big ones included in his latest report is the addition of an Interrogation feature like the one currently found in Rainbow Six Siege.

Warzone sniper
Warzone 2 is adding several new features.

Warzone 2 testing new Interrogation feature

According to the leak, Warzone 2 will let players interrogate downed enemies in order for them to reveal the location of their teammates on the map.

Initiating an interrogation won’t be hard either, with players just having to approach a downed enemy for the prompt to appear. Once the player carries out a six-second execution-style animation, the foe’s teammates will pop up on the mini-map.

Henderson says the feature is in its infancy and currently uses a Stim Shot animation, which the leaker believes could be a truth serum.

Executions in Warzone
The feature is said to be an “add-on” to executions.

Despite interrogations being tested, it’s possible it doesn’t make it into the final build with Henderson further claiming he’s been told the feature is an “add-on” to executions seen in past titles.

Only time will tell if the feature arrives with Warzone 2, but given everything else we’ve learned, the sequel is shaping up to be quite the advancement over the first game.

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