Dr Disrespect claims he’ll stream Valorant full-time if Warzone 2 doesn’t improve

Dr Disrespect streams on twitchYouTube/DrDisrespect

YouTube streamer Dr Disrespect has pledged to his fans that he’ll stream Valorant full-time if Warzone 2 doesn’t improve promptly.

The two-time has always had a love-hate relationship with battle royales and has been very critical of Warzone 2 since its release last year.

Recently, the former CoD developer has slammed the BR sequel in just about every way imaginable — and has urged the devs to make some serious changes.

Notably, the Doc has blasted the self-revive system as “f**king stupid” as well as claiming the game is designed for “brainless gamers.”

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Now, the popular streamer has had enough — pledging that he’ll switch to Riot’s Valorant if major improvements aren’t forthcoming.

Dr Disrespect to Valorant instead of Warzone#

During a January 14 live stream with TimTheTatman, Dr Disrespect explained how he’s willing to give it a week until he switches to a different game.

The two streamers discussed how there aren’t exactly many games out there to switch to before the Doc claimed he’d even stream Valorant full-time.

“I’m giving it like a week to two weeks,” said the Doc. “But, at the same time like what the f**k do I play? PUBG?

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“This game is just so bad. It’s awful. I love Call of Duty man, you know? I want to play it, get active with it and feel the momentum of it and get some snipes and get some good plays going. It’s so one-dimensional, it’s so boring… I might go Valorant full-time.”

Timestamp: 22:50

Tim added that he needs to steam add another game like Fortnite or Overwatch into the mix to stop him from going crazy. Regardless, the Doc is flirting with the idea of becoming a Valorant streamer.

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This isn’t the first time Dr Disrespect has planned to quit playing Warzone. He’s typically come back to the game after a few days away, before blasting it again. Never change, Doc.

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