Dr Disrespect blasts Warzone 2 as one of the “worst” battle royales ever

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Dr Disrespect claims that Warzone 2 is among the “worst” battle royales he’s played, but he’s still diving into the Call of Duty BR alongside ZLaner. 

When it comes to battle royale games, you’ll be hard-pressed to find somebody with more experience than Dr Disrespect. The former Call of Duty map designer has played them all, everything from H1Z1 to PUBG, Realm Royale and Battlefield’s Firestorm. 

Despite his love of the genre, the Two-Time doesn’t shy away from criticizing the battle royales when he deems it necessary. Sometimes he goes a bit over the top and straight-up deletes the game from his PC, but he always finds his way back at some point. 

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With Warzone 2 being the hot new BR, the Doc has been getting his teeth stuck right into it. He was initially positive about Call of Duty’s newest offering, but he’s started to turn on the battle royale just a bit. 

Dr Disrespect blasts Warzone 2 with flea market comparison

In fact, during a recent stream, the YouTube streaming star compared it to some of the classics that he’s played before, and he believes that it doesn’t quite stack up. 

“This game is a joke. It might be one of the worst battle royale games ever, it just might,” The Doc said after being eliminated from a game.

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“Like, it’s nowhere close to PUBG obviously. It’s nowhere even remotely close to H1Z1, that’s for sure. It’s just got too much junk in it. I’m in a flea market of mechanics and abilities and gunfights, you don’t know what you’ll see, what you’ll get, it’s just completely unpredictable every single weekend, you just don’t know.” 

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The Two-Time questioned how exactly the game wants people to play, complaining that it’s not exactly clear at times and players will default to camping as a result. 

Despite that, he’s still pressing on with playing it alongside ZLaner, and even though he’s tried to fill the void with other games, he keeps coming back to Warzone 2.

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