Dr Disrespect believes Warzone 2 has “great” potential for one simple reason

Connor Bennett
Dr Disrespect talking to camera next to warzone 2.0 logo

Streaming star Dr Disrespect has tipped his cap to Warzone 2, pointing out the most “underrated” part of the battle royale so far. 

The release of Warzone 2 has thrust Call of Duty and the battle royale genre back into the spotlight as thousands have descended onto the new Al Mazrah map

Even though it’s only been live for a few days, the CoD battle royale has gotten a pretty warm reception from players. Though, there have been a few that have been quick to point out a handful of changes that they’d like to see be made over the coming weeks and months. 

Dr Disrespect was, initially pretty concerned about Warzone 2 and doubted its lifespan. However, the Two-Time seems to be coming around as he’s confirmed that he’s a “fan” of what he’s played so far. 

Dr Disrespect believes Warzone 2.0 has “great” potential

Like everyone else, The Doc dove straight into the battle royale upon launch and quickly started picking up wins with his signature violence, speed, and momentum. 

After grabbing a win alongside his duo ZLander, the Two-Time was asked for his thoughts on the new BR experience and its potential. “I think it’s great. For me, one of the most underrated things in first-person shooter games is level design and map design. It’s so crucial to have that as dominant as the rest of the game,” he said.

“We’ll start off with the level design. I think it’s fantastic. I’m really digging it. The whole looting aspect. It was a little like ‘what the hell is this’ but now that I’m used to it and now that I kind of understand everything, for the most part, that’s pretty sweet. I think the game has a lot of great potential. I’m a fan of Warzone 2.0.” 

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While he may be a fan of it now, we’ve seen the Doc have plenty of issues with battle royales in the past, and it probably won’t be long before he’s fuming at Warzone 2. 

The game has that fresh and new feel to it that everyone enjoys, but lets see how long that lasts – especially for the Two-Time.

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