Call of Duty

Customized Modern Warfare optics would improve visibility across maps

Published: 12/Jan/2020 1:47

by Alan Bernal


Call of Duty players have a ton of customization options in Modern Warfare, but a color-slider to change the reticles could be incredibly beneficial to spot them across maps.

The success of Infinity Ward’s latest Call of Duty title has been staggering, but since the game launched on October 25, players have been calling for small tweaks throughout Modern Warfare to steadily improve the experience.

From patching up the controversial “slide-cancel” mechanic to finding a fix for the annoying player collisions in the game, there are more than a few refinements to MW that the devs can pursue.

Infinity WardSome Modern Warfare players notice that their reticles become hard to see against the background depending on the map.

A popular idea floating around comes from Reddit user ‘ManOnTheMesa,’ who thought up a simple way to give players a means to make optics work for them.

“Full-on RGB slider optic customization would be the sickest thing,” ManOnTheMesa said. “Some crosshairs are great shape-wise, but are easily lost due to poor color choice.”

In the middle of optics, players typically see a reticle in the center of their screens – but different reticles come in various shapes and colors, which can sometimes be jarring to use depending on the map.

Full-on RGB slider optic customization would be the sickest thing. Some crosshairs are great shape wise but are easily lost due to poor color choice. from modernwarfare

A quick fix to that problem would give power to the players in deciding what specific color they’d want to rely on during a game.

In ‘ManOnTheMesa’s’ concept, a slider would scale the primary and secondary colors of the optic, changing the hue of the reticle and the surrounding tracers, respectively.

The design would be a godsend for players struggling with finding the perfect combination of reticle-to-color among the premade options in Modern Warfare.

Infinity WardA simple RGB slider would make it easier to pick an optic that works with every player.

“They need to make this a thing so badly,” user ‘ColdBlackCage’ said. “I use Blue Dot on Holographic/Reflex variants (whose default reticle I can’t stand) because it’s a clean dot aim point, but the blue gets lost so easily in fights.”

Whether the feature would be a straight addition to the game or unlocked via a new set of challenges, its implementation would be a much-appreciated quality of life update.

Call of Duty

Dr Disrespect reveals his main complaint about Black Ops Cold War

Published: 1/Dec/2020 18:29

by Tanner Pierce


During a recent livestream, Dr Disrespect called out Treyarch for the lack of multiplayer maps in Black Ops Cold War, stating that the game should’ve had 15 maps at minimum at launch.

When Black Ops Cold War first launched, many fans were taken aback by the fact that the game only had 8 multiplayer maps available to players.

Six of them were available in one way, shape, or form during the beta, meaning fans only had two brand new ones to experience for the first time, which annoyed the community, to say the least.

Since then, it’s become a hot talking point in the community and, while the developers did release Nuketown ’84 and plan to release new maps with the start of the first season, the general consensus seems to be that the content released is just simply not enough. Now, Dr Disrespect himself has also shared the same sentiment.

Black Ops Cold War had eight maps at launch but is now up to nine thanks to the inclusion of Nuketown.

When discussing the game during a recent broadcast, the Two-Time made it clear that he’s a big fan of BOCW’s multiplayer, except for one thing – the number of maps.

“I’m having a good time, Cold War – I like it a lot, the multiplayer,” he said. “Just don’t give me two maps, cmon [David] Vonderhaar. Put 15 in the game, minimum!”

The bit about “two maps” is referring to that fact that the only maps not previously released in the alpha or the beta were Garrison and Checkpoint, which means that there were essentially only two ‘new’ ones reserved for launch.

(starts at 3:42:50 for mobile users)

Afterwards, he says he has a “bag full” of prototypes, referring to map ideas, although he’s definitely joking.

That said, the Doc does have extensive experience designing maps for shooter games, having worked on Advanced Warfare with Sledgehammer Games before releasing ‘The Arena’ in Rogue Company last month.

He may certainly get his wish for “15 maps” soon, as Treyarch have promised a lot of post-launch content in BOCW, starting off with Season 1 on December 10, which is set to introduce several 6v6 maps, along with a flurry of other new things for players to enjoy.