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Modern Warfare store leak reveals Tamagotchi’s coming in future update

Published: 11/Jan/2020 16:49

by Scott Robertson


Members of the Infinity Ward team confirmed that versions of the classic handheld digital pet are making their way to Modern Warfare watches in a future update, after images of the “Tomogunchi” watches appeared on the in-game store.

At long last, the combatants of Call of Duty Modern Warfare have something worth fighting for. Not for ranks, not for experience, not for a positive KD, but for a little digital pet that will live on your watch forever as long as you remember to change your battery.

On January 10, a Reddit user on the Modern Warfare subreddit posted an image of a watch called the Tomogunchi, a clear and obvious play on Tamagotchi that appears similar in design and function to the original watches released in the mid 90s.

Tamagotchi UniverseAn impressive Tamagotchi collection.

The user, Pandamanlma0, said that he bought the Tomogunchi as part of a bundle for 1000 CoD points, but said that they used it throughout two in-game hours “with tons of kills but nothing happened.”

They also said that they tried both inspecting and interacting with the watch during the game, but nothing happened except that it would “make a noise” if you got a kill and used the ‘interact with watch’ emote immediately after.

Joel Emslie, Art Director at Infinity Ward, quickly jumped in to provide an explanation. Apparently, an error with the player’s in-game store “broke the street date,” allowing access to a bundle that wasn’t supposed to go live yet. This evidently affected some other players too who could get their hands on the bundle with the watch in it.

The New Tomogunchi Watch from modernwarfare

However, the dev pointed out that because of this, the watch wouldn’t function properly until the release date. Regarding that date, the developer said that a full round of testing was still needed, so an official release date couldn’t be given.

When it comes to the noise that played after getting a kill, it could be an interesting mechanic in which the player feeds their Tomogunchi with kills, but have to remember to do so right afterward. Potentially, your creature could make a sad noise if you get killed without having fed them during that life.


Modern Warfare so far sports a collection of stylish watches, but all are purely cosmetic, or used for tracking stats like KD and rank.

Infinity WardThe Skill Track 55 tracks your rank progress, and can even tell time as well!

The developers so far haven’t given any indication that any rewards will come with successfully raising your Tomogunchi from newborn through childhood up to adulthood. But, if raising a digital pet all by yourself should be its own reward.

Call of Duty

Black Ops Cold War devs address Mastery camo bug & confirm other fixes

Published: 27/Nov/2020 0:17

by Brad Norton


Mastery camos in Black Ops Cold War will soon be looking better than ever, Treyarch has confirmed, with an assortment of camo-related fixes on the way in a nearby update.

If you’ve already been hard at work grinding the latest Call of Duty, unlocking the very best camos has likely kept you busy. Reaching that elite Dark Matter cosmetic is always a huge effort, though many players have already hit it just weeks after launch.

Unfortunately, the flashy Mastery Camos haven’t quite lived up to the hype in many regards. Some weapons barely display the unique visual. Small areas of the guns are given the new design while a majority of the weapon stays the same.

The community was naturally disappointed at first, but it turns out these actually aren’t working as intended. Fixes are on the way very soon, as Treyarch has confirmed the top priorities for the next major update.

Black Ops Cold War M60
Reddit: u/azzazurq
An example of how minimal Dark Matter currently looks on the M60 due to recent bugs.

First and foremost, we now have confirmation that “unintentional changes to Mastery Camos” will be addressed in the next update. “After our most recent update, some weapons began to display certain Mastery Camo differently,” devs addressed on the official Treyarch Trello board.

While an exact date isn’t quite set in stone for the next update just yet, rest assured it won’t be long. “We are looking to release a fix for this in our next major update,” they confirmed.

So if these issues had you holding back on the Dark Matter grind, there’s no reason not to get back on the hustle. In a matter of days, the camos will be displaying properly and you’ll be able to flex your early accomplishments.

Next up, there are six other major problems that Treyarch is looking into. Some are more vague, such as various console crashes and bugged animations. However, others are more specific.

Prestige leveling should be a bit smoother in the weeks to come. If your level hasn’t been displaying properly, a fix for this is currently in the works. 

Black Ops gameplay
Outside of bug fixes, Flak Jacket could be addressed in a nearby update.

While no specific changes are on the way just yet, the balance team has also “had discussions” surrounding the power of Flak Jacket. A potential nerf could be on the way given how common the perk has become since launch.

The most recent patch only just went out on November 25, so we likely won’t see anything for a few days at a minimum. At least now have a solid idea of what to expect when the next updates roll around.