Modern Warfare devs respond to complaints about annoying player collision

Albert Petrosyan
Infinity Ward

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare players have been complaining about a noticeable increase in teammate body-blocking, and now developers Infinity Ward have issued a response.

Player collisions, more commonly referred to as body-blocking, has been one of the more frustrating things in many Call of Duty titles over the years.

Running into your own teammates can throw off your timing when you’re rushing to get to a power position. Also, if you’re engaged in a gunfight with a teammate close by, them bumping into you will often move your character’s body and cause you to miss shots and possibly even die.

Up until now, teammate collisions haven’t been a huge topic of contention, probably because players have had other things to complain about.

However, after an update released on December 31, Infinity Ward appeared to have secretly added a new player collision mechanic that made bumping into teammates a much more serious issue. In fact, these collisions are now happening a lot more than before, so players are understandably getting annoyed.

“Are you going to revert the player collision changes?” one Reddit user asked.

Another frustrated user pitched in with his two cents on the topic: “Pretty sure I could speak for everyone playing the game right now – can you not just remove the changes and revert them to the previous state, like applying a backup file to our clients, since this collision issue is a hotspot of frustration?”

Infinity Ward respond to player collision complaints

Joel Emslie, Infinity Ward’s Art Director and one of the lead developers of Modern Warfare, replied to these complaints on Reddit and revealed that they were “definitely” looking into it.

“We are definitely looking into that,” he wrote. “I’m not sure if the fix is in flight or still being worked on.”

As the long Reddit post above suggests, this response is both good and bad news as far as players are concerned.

While it does confirm that a fix to player collision is in the works, it doesn’t provide any specific timetable for when it’ll be implemented.

This means players will have to deal with the increased rate of body-blocking for now, even if it means sometimes being thrown off and even dying because of it.

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