“Broken” Modern Warfare movement exploit sparks debate among pro players

Andy Williams
AccuracyLA (Instagram)/Activision

Call of Duty pro, Lamar ‘Accuracy’ Abedi, has triggered a debate around the controversial ‘slide-cancel’ exploit in Modern Warfare, with plenty of fellow pros weighing in with their thoughts.

While Infinity Ward’s glitch snag list appears to be growing by the day, there are certain in-game exploits which professional Call of Duty players believe need addressing before the Call of Duty League gets underway on January 24. 

One such exploit is the infamous slide-cancel mechanic, which plagued the entirety of the Black Ops 4 season.

The infamous slide-cancel movement gives players an advantage when peeking their opponents.

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According to NY Subliners SMG, Dillon ‘Attach’ Price, the crux of the “broken” slide-cancel mechanic is to make your weapon readily available to snap onto your enemy… albeit only a fraction of a second earlier. 

While Attach aptly demonstrated how to perform the movement, he also used his tutorial video to bring awareness to Infinity Ward, in the hopes that they patch the exploit.

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After the former world champ released their slide-cancel tutorial, his Subliners teammate, Accuracy, posted a Tweet which sparked debate among his fellow pros. 

The post explains how certain members of the Call of Duty community are “extremely bias,” while he claims that the same people will withhold information on exploit to gain the edge over the competition. 

As you’d expect, this triggered a cascade of responses from fellow pros. Two-time world champ, Jordan ‘JKap’ Kaplan, edged in with his two cents, where he reflected Abedi’s thoughts and claimed that some knew of the mechanic from the get-go and kept it on the down-low to stay ahead. 

Dallas Empire veteran, Ian ‘Crimsix’ Porter appeared to sit on the other side of the fence, as he responded with: “Don’t start complaining because you didn’t watch gameplay well enough.”

AccuracyLA (Twitter)
Accuracy sparked debate among CoD pros regarding the slide-cancel exploit.

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While the stakes are the highest they have ever been this year, utilizing a movement glitch to get one over on your opponent does remove an element of integrity from competition. 

At the very least, Attach’s video raises awareness of the movement glitch, which will place all pros on a level playing field come January 24.