Crimsix says early Modern Warfare 2 build looked like a mobile game

Nathan Warby
Crimsix for New York Subliners

Excitement is growing as the release of Modern Warfare 2 edges nearer but some players are still nervous about the new game, with Call of Duty pro Crimsix joking that the early build he played felt like a mobile title.

Modern Warfare 2 is set to launch on October 28 and the hype is growing all the time as fans wait to see what Infinity Ward has been cooking up.

While most players’ first experience of the game will be during the open beta, a handful of big names have already tried out Modern Warfare 2, including FaZe Swagg.

Among these lucky few are New York Subliners star Crimsix, who was sent an early build of the game to play at home. However, although he seemed to like Modern Warfare 2 overall, his feedback wasn’t all positive.

Crimsix hits out a Modern Warfare 2’s graphics

During a stream on August 16, Crimsix was discussing the version of Modern Warfare 2 he was allowed to play. To begin with, he explained that the game is more of what CoD fans have become accustomed to.

“Put it this way, it’s classic movement, you’re still sliding. Shots, you’re still going to find a way to abuse [or] break something,” said the esports pro. “Probably within 72 hours.”

He then went on to offer a pretty damming criticism of the game’s visuals: “When I was playing it on my $5,000 computer, I was legitimately wondering: “Is this the build they made for android?” Or is this the iPhone version?”

It’s worth noting he did preface this feedback with “this is a joke,” but it certainly seems as though the esports star does have some genuine concerns about the look of Modern Warfare 2. “I don’t understand,” Crimsix continued. “We’re going forward in time.”

That being said, he did end on a positive note by claiming that Modern Warfare 2 at least played well, even if the graphics weren’t up to scratch.

“No but don’t get me wrong, I thought it was pretty good,” said Crimsix finally. “I thought it was sort of fun.”

We should keep in mind that Crimsix played a Modern Warfare 2 build that is likely some way off the final version that will be released. However, fans will be hoping that the visuals will be up to scratch by the time October 28 rolls around.